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Apple: "It's a Canon issue!".....Canon: "No, Apple's Got a Problem" ---- Sound familiar?

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Hello All,

     I'm new to the site, so you know if I'm chiming in, I have to be at wits end with a problem.  I have a Canon 5D Mark IV and I've been waiting seems like forever for Apple to release their new MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon (M1 chipset).  My goal was to start tethering studio work using the laptop.  Well, I purchased one of Apple's blazing speed machines and over the last three days..."It's been challenging to get anything to work to say the least."  

     I have the Adobe Creative Cloud pkg and was planning to leverage Lr Classic as the tether software.  When I hooked the camera up to the machine via a Tether Tools cable, I got "No Camera Detected" message.  My first step was to make sure all software was current, and it was; Canon firmware (Version 1.3.1), LrClassic (Version 11.0), and obvious Apple's Monterey (Version 12.0.1) is current.  After a day of frustration, contact Adobe, thinking they had an issue and after 5 hours, they could find and issue with their software and advised to talk to Canon and Apple.  Before doing so, I reached out to B&H to determine if they'd been hearing of an issues, and boy have they.  They seem to think Apple is got an issue and they're telling all photographers, if they have an old MBP with intell chipset to hang on to it because it could be a while before this issue is resolved.  Today I spoke at length with a senior Apple technician, who seems to think Canon's got a problem and about 4 hours ago, I spoke with a very smart person (not to say anyone I've been talking to isn't smart) from Canon who says Apple's got the problem.  

     I have an old 2012 Mac desktop 27" unit, which can't be upgraded any more, but in the past I have been successful in tethering to it via the Canon's EOS Utility software.  I hooked everything up the old beast and it still works, but I can't get Lr Classic to hookup/detect the camera.  

     Enough about this issue.  Has anyone experienced, or heard of anyone else having this problem?  Apparently it isn't new.  There are a number of YouTube videos out there that talk about it, but don't really address the issue to the point where one can consistently get good repeatable results.  I purchased the laptop 2 weeks ago with the sole purpose to tether.  After yesterday's and today's creativity depletion moments, you know what my next move is don't send the darn computer back to Apple until this mess gets resolved.  No need to pay for a high-end machine if it can't get the job done.  Thoughts?





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Returning the computer is probably your wisest choice. While Rosetta is very good it is still not 100%.


As they say, never get version 1.  Even putting tethering aside, Photoshop Elements does not work for some folks on Monterey.


I have both the M1 Macbook pro and the 24" M1 iMac, and have not seen any issues, but I don't really push my machines too hard.

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+1.  I agree.  I own, use and support Apple's architecture daily, and it has merit (even though I'll always be a Microsoft guy first), but there is still so much that isn't supported once you step outside of Apple's Eco system.  I wouldn't recommend W11 if you rely on that system for production yet either.  Natural progression, and a little patience will win the day, but that's not going to help you today.




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Exact same problem!  My camera is the 5D Mark IV also. I bought the M1 Mac in late 2021, received it close to the holidays and I'm just now encountering the issue you so well described, in exactly the same way you described it. Indeed one of the main reasons for purchasing the MacBook Pro (10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 64gb RAM, 2TB ssd) was for photography work.  I downloaded the EOS Utility and the camera is apparently not being detected, because the utility menu is grayed out and inaccessible.  Same with Lightroom, no camera detected, exactly the same as your experience.  

Since your post was a couple months ago, I'm wondering how you've managed since?  You referenced your older hardware.  Is that your solution for the time being or have you found a more ideal solution with the new machine?


WithinZero, thanks for the response.  It's weird how things work....I was just about to re-engage the problem "today" in light of picking up a new client and I'd like to tether to show them outcome as I'm shooting.  Unfortunately, I've been swamped with other stuff and haven't allocated time to see if any progress has been made somewhere in the Community to resolve the issue.  By the way, I really needed a laptop, so I didn't return the machine...hoping sometime soon someone will crack the code to our problem. To your question, no, I didn't go back to my old machine, which involved using a crazy work-around approach to view images; I have to focus on processes that work, or I'll get confused.  If you happen to run across a solution to our problem, please let me know and I'll do likewise.  Good luck.  C6rollnfast.

Thanks for the follow up.  I did a shoot yesterday, and I used an older iPad for remote shooting and to review the images with the client.  It was an interiors shoot, so being able to review in real time is important for the designer to assess whether the staging looks okay.  

I will certainly circle back and let you know if anything materializes that makes the M1 accessible.  I can't image that canon and mac would let the issue persist too long considering the creative bias of the mac ecosystem and canon's statute in the photography world.  So I'm with you in hanging on for a crack.  Hopefully not too long!  Good luck to you too!