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Resolved! Raw editor for T7/1500 images

I have a new Rebel T7, and I'm having a hard time finding a shareware/freeware raw file editor. I have tried Raw Therapee and UFRaw, but both just show my raw files as mainly bright pink backgrounds. I read that for UFRaw, the program doesn't recogni...

Canon M50 WiFi Connection Problem

Hi guys - I am new to the M50. Love the camera so far! But I am having trouble pairing it with my computer over Wifi. Here's what's going on: I work in a shared office space that has an open WiFi network. My computer is connected to this network. And...

oas2103 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon camera connect app disconnecting

Hello I have been downloading photos from my Canon EOS M10 to my Nokia 7.2 through the Canon Camera Connect app for nearly a year now. Since yesterday it has stopped working, I connect to the camera's WiFi and my Bluetooth is on, but 30 seconds after...

Camera Suddenly stopped communicating with EOS Utility

my two canon's, 70D and 5Dmkii, will not communicate any longer with EOS UtilityWindows 10 pro - 10.0.18363Intel i5-9600z390 UD - motherboard24 gigs ram -- Installed Eos utility and connected my 70D.  It connected immediatly and started the EOS Utili...

Resolved! Clarity slider dpp4

I see the clarity slider in the tool palette, but the program doesn't let me use it. Simone knows how to activate it?

Resolved! Don't see file name in Edit Image Window

A DPP quirk I've been meaning to ask about for years: When I'm in the Edit Image Window, can I get the program to show me the name of the file I'm editing? It displays the fully qualified name of the folder the file is in, but not the name of the fil...

Nvidia card users check your power management settings

About a year ago I installed a Nvidia GTX 2060 video card with 1,920 Cuda cores to speed up my dual processor workstation and I immediately noticed an improvement with several programs including DPP.  I also found that my 1DX III is even more demandi...

wq9nsc by Authority
  • 2 replies

Resolved! More About DPP

After reading some posts here I am encouraged to once again give DPP a shot.  I've been using LR Classic for a few years now and think it is quite good.  Easy to catalog photos, fairly easy to learn, fast on my 27" Mac.  One annoying thing though is ...

Offload Picture Style to PC

I'm familiar with picture styles. I recently built one for an EOS R, but I wanted to modify it just a little.But now I can't find the file anywhere on my PC or other storage.It's still loaded as as a user defined style on the R... is there ANY way of...

joecd4 by Apprentice
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download images

Hello,  How do I transfer my images directly to my laptop, verses transferring them to my phone? I am finding that this is taking to much time and space on my phone. EOS Rebel t6I have a Google Pixel laptop. no usb connectiion. Thank you in advanceFr...

EOS Utility 3 not showing Remote Shooting option

Hi all, I've got an EOS M6 connected to my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 via USB with a fresh install of Windows. After installing EOS Utility, strangely I'm not getting the option to choose Remote Shooting: Have tried the usual reboot, restart and windows...

Screenshot of Eos Utility
cdilga by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Another DPP update

I checked for a DPP update this morning and found this new version, file date is February but when I checked DPP in mid-March it didn't show up so I guess Canon waited to release it.  The previous version would sometimes slow way down when processing...

wq9nsc by Authority
  • 5 replies

Transferring RAW files

I need to transfer the files from my T6 to my computer, however, everytime I tried to do so, I could only see half of them. I tried changing the USB, using directly the SD card, looking for hidden files, but every time I can only see 20 of the 40 pho...

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