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Need help with Canon R5 driver error code 10 in Windows 11



Could you please help me to fix the driver error code 10 in Windows 11 for my new Canon R5? I was able to view Canon 5D Mark III folder in my laptop. However, after connecting the new R5 with the provided USB-C cable, the laptop popped up the screen to offer viewing the content. I was able to see the pictures in R5 folder in my laptop for less than 1 min then the folder disappeared. I checked the laptop Device Manager and found the driver had error code 10. I uninstalled the driver and let the laptop reinstalled its driver without success. My laptop already has Canon EOS utility latest version dated on 12/3/2021. Thank you very much for your help.



Which driver are you describing? There are no Canon drivers required for connecting your camera. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

That driver error code 10 is in the Device Manager of Windows 11. I don’t know if Canon is responsible to make Windows recognize the device or Microsoft fails to register Canon device to Windows 11

Hi Did you ever get this resolved. I am having the exact same issue. Plug in the R5 using Canon supplied cable USB-C to USB-C (R5 is running the Feb firmware update 1.5.0). I am running Windows 11 and attempting to read from the CFe card. The Explorer window pops up I grab any file from it and either Ctrl-C or drag and the explorer Window for the CFe card simply disappears. If i managed to Ctrl-C before this happens, Ctrl-V gives me an error saying the source no longer exists. However If I select the SD card that pops up under the Canon (i.e. it shows CFe and SD)  I can drag files without issue. It only seems to happen for the CFe card. This also used to happen with Windows 11 if both cards were present in the R5 (same PC as now). I got around it by removing the SD card and turning the camera back on. This no longer helps with Windows 11.