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Canon Dealers will not accept returns?

In the course of perusing the websites of several of the large, Northeastern, camera retailers, it had become apparent that Canon Cinema cameras, such as the C300 MKIII and the C70, are offered as final sales, and are non-returnable.  However, no suc...

C300 MKIII dimensions

Hello, I am about to purchase a C300 Mark III, and before doing so I would like to know the built-out dimensions—height and width—of the camera with all attachments in place, most importantly, the handle, but EVF 70, mic holder, etc., if possible.  E...

C300 mkiii - Color Bars

Hello, I'm a long time C300 MkII and now MkIII owner - on the Mark III I am having issues being able to generate Color bars. I've tried Mon out, SDI out, and assigned Color bars to different buttons but for some reason I'm unable to get them to show ...

tlabella by Apprentice
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Canon EF-EOS R 0.71x Testing

As an owner of an EF 50mm f/1.2L, when I picked up my C70, I just knew I had to try out the 0.71x adapter.  So this past weekend, did just that. The scene: basement setup in the evening with virtually no ambient light influencing the scene.  Single 6...

Vixia_HF_G50_noise.jpg vixia_hf_g50_noise_detail.jpg C70_RF_2_8_noise.jpg C70_RF_2_8_noise_detail.jpg
rs-eos by Elite
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EOS C200 Green Snow and White Snow Display

On July 23, 2021 I used my C200 for an interview. After having the device set in RAW mode for about 1 hour the display screen turned green, it would not record, and the device would not turn off without unplugging it or removing the battery. When I s...

Canon C200 Green Display Canon C200 Green Display 2

C100 - Camera will not produce an image

[I accidentally posted this in the wrong EOS topic previously] Flipped on my C100 today to test some monitors and there was no image in the viewfinder.  I tried on both AC and Battery power.  I checked the HDMI output.  I switched lenses.  When the c...


Resolved! Canon RAW Color Space

I have a quesiton i'm hoping to get an offical answer on.  What is the color space or chroma subsampling of the Canon RAW format on the C300 Mk iii The new C300 Mark iii doesn't have a 4:4:4 color space recording option as the previous model did. Thi...

mpeach by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

C300 MKiii Waveform brightness level discussion

Has anyone else noticed an issue with the brightness of the waveform on the new C300 MKiii? The MKii the wave form is very bright and easy to read and the new one, well is not easy to read at all. Espically out in the sun. There is an adjustment sett...

mpeach by Apprentice
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C70 "Whole Area" AF

The new firmware update,, adds "Whole Area" AF. I have a couple of questions about it, based on the descriptions in the update notes: 2. Adds [Whole Area] to the AF Frame option so the camera focuses automatically on a subject at the center o...

What media cards do you use for your EOS C70s?

I'm close to picking up a C70 and am studying up on both the Angelbird and Prograde brand of cards (both V90). For Angelbird, I'm specifically looking at their AVP256SDMK2V90 parts (the Mark II version of their cards).  Quite a bit more cost than Pro...

rs-eos by Elite
  • 4 replies

C200 Bit Rate question!!

Hi,We've been regularly shooting 4k 8 bit on the C200. We have exclusively been recording using Sandisk Extreme Pro 128gb 95MB/s SD cards. Since checking the c200 data specs online, I realised we are nowhere near the apparent 150MB/s write speed that...

jakabhai by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Ef Eos R .71 speedbooster

Hey Forum fam!  I bought a used speed booster and didn't realize it needed the assembly lock arms which did not come with my purchase. unfortunately, the parts won't be available until September and I am wondering if it is ok to use the adapter witho...

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