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Resolved! C100 mark II will not power up

I have just got my 2nd C100 Mark II, after working the first few times I turned it on, it will not power up, the battery is a Canon and has been charged and shows full.   I do have a new battery coming in from B&H.  Hopeing that will solve the issue....

pbyd by Contributor
  • 2 replies

How to record video and audio together?

I don't have a cinema camera, but this seems like the best place for knowledge for my question.  I have a Canon 5d Mark IV and I want to film myself singing while playing a mp3 audio instrumental in the background. How would I do this and sync the au...

C200 Feature Request: Import Custom Luts for SDI Output

Hey Canon Forums,We're using a Canon C200 alongside a bunch of other cameras for live online broadcast, and it's been frustrating to find that the C200 lacks the ability to load in Custom .Cube files SDI Output. Our URSA 4.6k can do this with no prob...

CalW_DP by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Canon Vixia HF R20 not turning on anymore

Hello, i hope everyone is fine.This is my first topic, i have a problem with my camcorder.I bought it used like 6 months ago and it had been working great. No problems.I was using it like twice a month, one day (a month ago) i connected it to the AC ...

neto960 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

C100 green channel shift

Hello, I've come across this issue with footage from both C100 models: I know it seems slight, but a green shift is very noticable across a full frame of video. It looks like a shift sudden gamma shift in the green channel. It happens when recorded a...

green shift sample.jpg

HDMI Output from a C300 Mark II

Hey, I cannot get a signal on my Viltrox DC-7HD monitor from my C300 through the HDMI output. Have tried all ways. I am shooting 25P. The cable and monitor are working fine as that was the first thing I tested. Interestingly when I switch the camera ...

XC10: Charging via a 9v or 12v mobile battery pack

Basically my question is this:  Has anyone been able to successfully charge a LP-E6N inside a XC10 from a mobile battery pack? If so, was the battery pack set to 9v or 12v? The included charger's output is listed as 8.4v so it seems like 9v should do...

rjophoto by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Need C200 'Settings Memory', and other niggles...

I've been scouring reviews, and I have to ask, why is NOBODY mentioning what a pain the C200 is when changing settings? Switching between formats (RAW/MP4/100fps), I need to check frame rates (RAW will default to 50fps every time) and resolution (goi...

Bersgard by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Recovery from Vixia HFR40 INTERNAL memory

Is there any way to recover deleted videos from the Vixia HFR40 internal memory? We accidentally deleted all our videos (two years of kids) when trying to free up space. We have tried all of the recovery software (10+), but they do not recognize the ...

ccm007 by Contributor
  • 17 replies

C300 Markii -- lost footage after Mac restart

I was using finder to drop 2k footage from a sandisk 512 gig card when the macbookpro crashed and restarted. When it came too, all the files which were not fully copied to the 2nd drive were missing from the card. The remaining files seem to be fine,...

Shoulder rigs and other stablizers for the C100 mk1

Hey guys , I recently purshase a used C100 from a friend of mine and notice when I do a google search that the Zacuto C-shooter is no longer available online.  Does anyone have any other recommendations?   I will be filming a bodybuilder and followin...

Resolved! Are Zeiss EOS mount lenses compatible with the C100?

Hi There, I have the Zeiss 100mm Makro and 15mm lenses which both work great on my 5D. But when either lens is mounted on my C100 MKI, I can’t change the aperture. Are the Zeiss lenses compatible with the C100? Any help would be much appreciated. Che...

cmscss by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

CF Corruption. Management File Error.

After having a look at footage on my laptop, in Premiere Pro. I put the 128gb Sandisk CF Card back into the C300 mk2 and it showed up on the screen: Management File Error. The same happens in media mode. Ive tried recovery softwares but after it says...

conloff by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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