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White lines on Pixma Pro 100

I am experiencing intermittent problems with my Pixma Pro 100 printing thin white lines, usually when printing dark blue colors, as shown in attached photo.  I have done deep cleaning which does not correct problem.


PIXMA PRO-10 Black lines in middle of paper

I have a Canon Pixma Pro-10 and I keep getting these black lines that almost look like roller lines in the center of my prints. It doesn't happen to all of my prints, just certain ones which is very odd. I have cleaned the bottom plate repeatedly. I ...


Borderless Printing for 5.5 x 8.5 cards

I have a Pro-200 and have been able to print my cards on 5.5 x 8.5 with no border. I am using Photoshop and evidently a setting has changed and I can no longer get my cards to print without borders. I have tried every setting I can find and have had ...

mouser by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Color calibration for custom media types

Good morning,When creating a custom media type with the Media Configuration Tool, there is an option to create a Calibration Target, enabling Unique calibration for the custom media type.Unfortunately Canon documentation does not really explain how t...

Pixma PRO-10 - sublimation

Hello All…I’m writing to ask if the pro-10 can be used in sublimation AND, if not, what Canon printers (if any) can be used in that genre. I found some CRAZY ($4k-$12k) priced printers as well as an Epson for $400 and that lead me to investigate what...

pixelmxr by Apprentice
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Resolved! Pixma Pro 100

I am unable to connect my Pro 100 printer to my laptop. I was gone for several weeks and upon returning home it will not connect. I have done the following1. Removed and reinstalled the driver, several times 2. Tried connecting to Wifi and it won't e...

Resolved! Canon Pro 1000 Stuck on PROCESSING cycle

Hi! I am hoping someone has a similar situation to mine and can offer a solution. My Canon Pro 1000 is stuck on "processing please wait momentarily" for over 1.5 hours. This happened on the last Canon Pro 1000 and was replaced when the helpline could...

Cost per print

I just got a pro-300 printer to start selling prints of my photos and was wondering what the easiest way was to figure out the cost of ink used per print or if there is just an average cost i should add on to cover ink usage?

DavidKQA by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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