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Setting up identical Pixma Pro 100 printers via USB on Mac computer


I have two Pixma Pro 100 printers, that I hook up via USB. I used to have them both connected to my Mac, but due to some computer/printer issues, had to totally delete all Canon software and start fresh again. I can't remember now how I managed to have both printers connected where I could print simultaneously. Do I need to install drivers again for the 2nd printer? When I try to add the 2nd printer via System Settings, it just adds a copy of my first printer. TIA for any assistance.



You have to go through the installation twice. Give each one a different distinctive name to differentiate them in your installed printer list when you are prompted in the installations.. You have to select each printer from the list of printers the computer is seeing. The identities will be different.

Then you will have two differently-named printers to choose between when you print. Print jobs will go to the printer you choose. 

You can't print to both simultaneously from the same print dialog. You have to print to the first, then print to the second separately.

It's just like if you have two completely different printers.

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