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Help neede w/ Pixma Pro10

This is kind’of a long back story.  I’ll TRY to keep it short.  In Fall ‘21 my Pixma Pro10 was somewhat damaged by our house getting flooded. The damage was done by the cleanup crew w/ drywall dust.  They fixed my printer, but NOW I have 2 issues!  1...

Dodo0769 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon Pro 9000 Mark II

OMGOSH i think after my mac updated to Catalina i can't get this printer to print. I get the Stopped filter failed mesasge.Have anyone come across this or found a fix for this either through Canon or Catalina OS website. If so i would be super gratef...

Pro-10 started printing lighter

Hi,We have  Pro-10 and it started printing much lighter all of the sudden. We did just change the PM cartridge. But a printer nozzle check looks fine and we even changed the PM cartridge again just to be sure. We sell prints, so unfortunately we are ...

Pixma Pro-100 need repair service

I bought pixma P-100 and was working fine. Replaced starter ink with fresh official ink cartridge. Printer sat 6 months without use unplugged. Came to use and getting error message "Carriage unrecognized" head will not move center for maneniance. Sus...

Resolved! Pro 100 printhead

Would like to purchase new printhead for my pro 100 from Canon not Ebay sellers. Don't see where on the Canon website I can order this printhead????

BDale by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! no color profiles after upgrade to Big Sur

I was successfully using my Pro-100 while on MacOS Mojave. Now, I'm NOT SURE if this is what did it, but recently I upgraded to MacOS Big Sur. When I went to print for the first time since upgrading, all my color profiles were gone. The one it chose ...

Resolved! PIXMA PRO-200 Printer won't print

Help!I have moved house and now I can't print wireless to my PRO 200 anymore!I have connected it to the new wifi. My Laptop was not recognising it even though it was listed as a printer so I deleted and added again. I did not reinstall the drivers be...

Lynkriv by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Pixma Pro 100S on Mac Mini M1 (Monterey)

Hello, I recently bought a Mac Mini M1. It is running Monterey OS.I downloaded the latest driver from the Canon website, which sais it is compatible with Monterey.Unfortunatly, I can't get the printer to print. The driver shows the ink levels so it i...

Delange by Contributor
  • 13 replies

Pro300 Printer Output Door Won't Close

Recently purchased a Pro-300 printer. Used it for a second time today and now the front paper output tray door will not stay shut.  The two catches engage on either side but then disengage and the door slowly opens back up.  Anyone else run into this...

cjorndor by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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