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need help which updated drivers for mac on mx922

New here, but have used Canon printers for a long time.  Have always had trouble in the setup, so I'm somewhat gun shy.  Earlier today I got a popup that there was a new driver for mx922. I see that there are several drivers all bearing dates in Augu...

ehw by Contributor
  • 4 replies

How to Disconnect from my old wifi

I recently moved to college and to set up with the wifi here I have to have the IP Address. I printer out the network info and it doesnt tell the IP Address, and it says its still connected to my home wifi. How do I fix this?

MG5420 Not Connecting

It just stopped being connected to the wifi. I have tried 1000 times to reconnect but it keeps giving error messages that make me want to punch the wall. H E L P M E !!!!

blunt007 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Wireless Connection

My printer will not connect to the wifi. When I try, a message appears saying "cannot change the setting. If the device is in use via the LAN, finish it and then change the setting." Can someone tell me what to do? 

PIXMA Serie G3000 Wireless Connection

Hi everyone, I have my PIXMA G3000 installed to a router for 2 PCs connected by RJ45 cable and I want to add a second router connected to the first one and with other 2 PCS, my question is if the printer will work without problem in the network confi...

Lolandez by Apprentice
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Printer not found on wireless network

I installed my printer on our wireless network and we have been using it for some time. Now all of a sudden it cant be "seen" from any of our devices including the computer. I have rebooted it and readded it to the network and it says it "joins" the ...

MG3250 lost Admin password

Hi ! I did set up an admin password for my printer; but can't remember the it.Do you know how I can recover/retrieve my password, or even reset it ?I don't have the installation CD anymore, and my printer is connected to a Mac and PC. Thanks for any ...

what kind of usb

I have what appear to be a common problem -- my laptop, running Windows 10, does not see my Canon Pixmas MG3522.  The printer's wireless light is a solid blue.  When I went to connect the printer by USB instead, I ran into a problem -- the only exist...

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