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MG6220 Not Working With Windows 10

I just upgraded to a Win10 computer and my MG6220 is not working.  It is connected to my home network via wireless.  All other devices print to it.  However, when i install the new print drivers, an displays indicating it can not find the printer on ...

Cannon Pixma MX 882 Printer off line

Good Morning, I'm a new member. My Wireless Priner had been working just fine until yesterday when it went offline. I can't seem to locate in my manuals how to trouble shoot this issue. Everything else appears to be just fine. Printer is on and conne...

Resolved! TS8020 can't find wifi router

I have a new TS8020 that I'm trying to use with a windows 10 laptop. I've installed the software on the laptop and tried to do the easy connect setup but when it gets the the list of wifi points my home router isn't shown. I tried to manual enter the...

MF244dw not printing

I've reached my wit's end. Suddenly the printer won't print.  Router connection w/ Windows 10 64bit I have: reloaded drivers x4reset the WPS on the router x4rebooted my PC x4re-initialized the printer x2 Is there something else that I need to do? I r...

MX922 Question USB to Router?

Does anyone know if this can be done easily? My Archer C7 / TP- Link router has 2 USB ports for connecting other devices, including printers. I want to connect the MX922 via a USB cable to the USB port on the router, thereby making it accessible to a...

garyprud by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

LBP6230 blocking jobs from android phone

Good day. I've recently installed an LBP6230 as a wireless printer. I can successfully print via wifi from multiple windows PCs. However, if I try to submit a job from my android phone (Samsung galaxy S7, connected to the same network), I get the mes...

giop by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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