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MAXIFY MB2320 multifunction printer ink indicator "?"

The indicator for ink on the printer panel shows a "?" (question mark) by the yellow cartridge.  I printed a test pattern and the yellow is very weak, so it probably needs to be replaced.  When I open the front door to the cartridges, they remain off...

imageCLASS MF642Cdw Custom page setup

Hello, i had to upgrade my computer from an old windows, to the current Windows 10 x64bit operating system. I am trying to setup a custom page for a Canon imageclass MF642cdw printer.   the current driver says it is the most current.  but will not le...

ktressel_1-1675447128738.png ktressel_0-1675447032516.png ktressel_2-1675447276169.png
ktressel by Apprentice
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MF634Cdw Discoloration on left side of the page

Hi there, I recently started having a problem when I try to print anything in color I get a wavy orange/pink discoloration along the left side of the print, the discoloration varies from about 1.5" - 2" from the margin and seems to repeat at a regula...

IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0002.jpg
SW1013 by Apprentice
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Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw Scan Issue

Hello AllI just bought my printer MF743cdw couple days ago and I did set up already.Now, I found a scanner issue which is not clear read shows on my PC by PDF scan if I use printer system scan paper directly. But it does scan paper clear when I use s...

LPB6030 Toner Density problem

I tried to change toner density but I don't get the options shown in the manual.  This is what I get, with no toner density changes possible. Any ideas on how to increase toner density?  I got a new cartridge, same density. Thanks. 


Resolved! MAXIFY GX3020 & GX4020 borderless printing

Shopping for a new printer and I can't find any solid info on borderless printing and the Maxify GX3020 and 4020.  Do they have the capability?  If not, what are the minimum margins when printing?Thanks!

dpaulc by Apprentice
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MB2720 error code 5207

My printer has started experiencing an error code 5207 whenever I try to print. This error flags and I have to reset the printer to regain communication.- I updated my drivers and software- The printer was working fine a few weeks ago- There is not a...

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