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Resolved! EOS 7D MkII Shutter Drive Issue

I have an EOS 7D Mark II that's having an issue while in One Shot mode.  When in full AE mode, the shutter operates properly with a single exposure.  When in any of the advanced modes, P, Tv, Av, I get a high-speed burst of exposures, even though it'...

beerdog5 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

EOS 6D Mark II ND filter causing dark images

Canon 6D Mark III took some waterfall pics today using a variable ND filer. The ones were dialed in 2-3 stops were fine, but when I went any darker, the photos were very dark, nearly black. I was in Aperture Priority (f5.6 or 6.3), so my understandin...

Skip70 by Enthusiast
  • 11 replies

R5 Ef-r Mount and Laowa Probe Lens

Hello everyone. I am a newbie for sure. I just got my R5 and the RF 70-200mm lens. I also bought the Laowa Probe lens with canon EF standard mount.  When I use the R5 and 70-200mm I can shoot and film no problem. When I put the ef-r mount to attach t...

Canon R3 - ** PLEASE add 6K ProRes RAW **

Please add this functionality.  I love the Canon R3 for video work.  I am an FCPX user and now that the R6 mkII is out and has this feature, it should be a no brainer to add it to the flagship camera.Thank you Canon and I look forward to the firmware...

5D MarkIV - external microphone not working

I have a surprising problem with my rather new 5D Mark IV. When I connect an external microphone, it does not work ... still recording on an internal one (be it Rode or now Sennheiser MKE 440). When I connect the same microphone to 70D , the micropho...

Ivos by Apprentice
  • 16 replies

Canon EOS 6D - Resolution issues

Hi All!I have encountered a resolution issue I can’t figure out. I have a canon EOS6D and my photos shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom are exporting at 240x240p. I have checked my export settings in Lightroom and looked at my camera’s “quality” sett...

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