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What is MeasuredEV?

What exactly is MeasuredEV (an EXIF value)? How does it correspond to the standard definition of EV? I have photos where the EXIF data gives MeasuredEVs of like 84 or 95.  The standard EV tops out at 16. 

Resolved! Maximum Memory Card Question

Some vendors on EBay that sell memory cards (SDHX), particularly 64 & 128 gigabyte sizes, warn to determine if your device can read these higher memory cards before ordering, since in many cases they are not returnable due to an ordering mistake.  I ...

Buttons on camera sticking? T4i

Hi there, we have a canon T4i and the AF and WB buttons are sticking and staying pressed into the housing, making the camera nearly unusable cause it'll randomly "activate" those buttons and they will just keep being pressed when we're moving around ...

brochado by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Canon T5i custom white balance is green

We purchased several t5i bodies to be used for professional portraits. I have one body that when performing a custom white balance the camera goes very green. It takes several attempts to get neutral which is something I have never experienced with a...

Billanin by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Help! Pics lost on my card?

I usually format my cards before beginning to shoot. I forgot to do that just now, and I took some photos (thankfully, just nature shots.) I got home, put it in my card reader, and the photos aren't showing up on my laptop. Instead, photos I previous...

new to RAW and 6d

I am new to RAW shooting and the 6D.  What settings are good for portrait shots?  I've been told straight RAW or both.  suggestions and what settings ?

mayjay by Apprentice
  • 6 replies
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