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Blurry_Canon EOS REbel T6

So newly bought this camera and had no idea where to start with it. I tried to take a piture but it was so blurry and also how do I make it bigger? I think something wrong with the photo but I just can't figure out what it was. In the second photo, w...

20049167_1584378818280790_1313408258_o.jpg 20048765_1584381201613885_112752179_o.jpg

Sweat entered dispay of Canon Rebel T5

 On a particularly hot day some sweat dripped inthrough the back of my camera dispay (I assume atleast). The photos are now showing up like this and even worse when the RAW file is opened. Any suggestions. Currently the camera is drying out with card...


Are there mic settings in Rebel SL2 / 200D?

Hey all I have a brand new EOS Rebel SL2 and an external mic (Rode). The mic works fine (tested it on my phone voice recorder). The camera's internal mic works fine, too. But when I plug the external mic into the Rebel, I get no sound recorded at all...

Resolved! Same settings, different colours

I’ve got two Canon cameras: 7D and 5D mark II. There is a big difference between the colours in photos these two cameras produce. Despite all the settings are same the two cameras produce different image quality. I’ve tried to attach the same lens to...

Flower 5D mark II.jpg Flower 7D.jpg Apples 5D mark II.jpg Apples 7D.jpg
Rastis by Apprentice
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HI my friends. My Eos 5D II doesnt filming on manual mode anymore and the iris dial just doesnt work wen its on film mode. All sets goes auto when im on folm mode. In picture mode its all ok. I need some help, thanks everyone

Resolved! EOS Mirrorless Cameras

 Let's see if I can be brief.  I am not wealthy.  If Canon releases a mirrorless camera, I would like it to be compatible with both EF and EF-S  lenses, Speedlite flashes, etc. without the requirement to use a lens adaptor.  Also, the camera should n...

Flashing Shutter Speed or Aperture Values

Again, I want to thank you for all of your help in answering my questions.  It is really appreciated. I have a Rebel T6 that I purchased recently.  Occationally, the Aperture or Shutter Speed values will flash in the viewfinder.  I'm assuming it is b...

AllenP by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Changing Camera Owner Name In EOS 5D

I need to change the owner name in my faithful EOS 5D.  As I understand it, this can only be done with the Canon EOS Utility.  (Changing the camera owner name allows me to add the author name, also, in the event an image is processed without adding a...

thanser by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Shutter counts on my 6D

I have a Canon 6D that I was hoping to sell. I did a shutter count on it and it said 116,000 or 116%.Does this mean it's worthless?I called my camera repair store and explained it to him, he said these can sometimes can go up to 300,000, it's sellabl...

Resolved! CR2 icons showing up blank

Hi, I have a Mac Pro Tower running 10.11.4. recently my Canon raw files have lost their preview icon and are only showing up as blank white icons. I could see them before, now I can't and I dont think anything as really changed.  Ive run ONYX which u...

M-Jpeg Video Player?

I have Canon 1DX MKII and want to do most of my video recording in 4K, 60 fps.  However, the cameras' Codec for this filmimng is limited to Motion-JPEG.  I am having a VERY difficult time finding a simple Video Player that I can download for playing ...

LanceA by Enthusiast
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