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I need help understanding why my t5i recorded .m4v files?


Hi everyone, 


I have been shooting for a couple of months with my t5i long videos usually lasting for 20-25 minutes each (interviews). It always splits in minimum 2 files when it reaches more than 4 gb per file. It is no exception with this case as I clearly remember when I was shooting that day that shots were too big to fit in one file. The problem is: after importing the footage on my external HD, like I always do for back ups, and after using it in final cut for post prod, I realize that the files were less than 1 gb for a 12min video.. instead of .mov (like usual), it is .m4v..?

At this point, I'm afraid to loose quality in the final result.. Any thought? I have done 7 interviews and it happened once only, and it is not the latest I have done... I've no clue, but I want to make sure this doesn't happen anymore.


Thank you all



.mov is a container format, it can have many different codecs. I have no idea why your camera saved a .m4v, and the manual says it should shoot .mov's, but I am sure it would be using the same codec.

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