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Three custum settings is useful, but how about giving us the option to add more, meaning C1, C2, C3, AND C4, C5, C6, etc.  Saving to a file is a wonderful improvement but I could really make use of all these in a single day's shoot.


An upcoming example is I'm doing architectural photos of a new stadium addition on Homecoming day--so I'll be using a tripod for some and then going immediately to my people configuration and then back again.  I use two and sometimes three for stills on a tripod, and then three for people to address differing light conditions.  Yeah I can upload the file, but I'm going to miss something OR drop my camera fooling with it.


And sure I can use two cameras and will.  But both set up identically would be a blessing.


Using an R and an R5.  TSE lenses on one, fixed focals on the other.

Just because I don't pose with a camera to my eye doesn't mean I'm not a dork.


It would be helpful, and I would images an easy firmware fix, to allow the R6 to save its settings to a card for duplication to another R6 unit also!  I have two R6 units, and for a camera of this quality and with so many customization features, it really is a great feature to have.

cheers, TREVOR

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