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5D MKII mirror not fully retracting?

Just checking to see if there is an easy fix for this.  My best guess is the mirror is not fully retracting.  It only makes half of the familiar shutter sound. Photos and video end up like the "straight from camera" samples below.  There is no obstru...

3dpete by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Dark arch shadow on images

Hi! I'm trying to trouble shoot a problem I'm having with my camera.  There is a dark shadow-looking arch that is showing up on almost all of my images.  I'm having this problem with multiple lenses so I know it's a camera issue and not a lens one.  ...

EOS-RP and tethering/Wi Fi

I upgraded last year from a Rebel T3i to an EOS-RP mirrorless - a big jump as is turns out. I went to tether today and do not have the correct cable. Before I buy the cable (I figured which I need from Tether Tools), I want to be sure I'm doing this ...

MarcyB by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Looking for advice on a Canon camera

Hi all. My girlfriend loves photography, she had a DSLR camera but had to sell it a few years ago for a little more money. She is by no means professional, but loves to photograph nature, couple photos. I want to buy her a camera for her birthday. My...

35mm 1.4 not focusing on subject

Hello, my wife shoots this on her 5d mark III, recently only this lense (her main) has stopped focusing where she places focal point. Excuse my lack of correct terms, but she shoots with the single point and manually puts point where she wants it foc...

Resolved! EOS 6D Mark II - Windows 10 RAW preview

So recently upgraded from 70D to 6D mark II and the windows 10 raw preview in windows 10 explorer doesn't seem to be working? This camera came out July 2017 how long does it usually take for a codec to be released? I have done my fair share of of goo...

Resolved! T6 blurry images wedding photography

I am a starting out photographer, using a t6 with kit lens 18-55. I have been getting a lot of work and everything is great. But I keep seeing some of the “far away” images are coming in blurry and I just can’t seem to figure it out. I thought that i...

Bbphoto by Contributor
  • 32 replies
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