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Resolved! 90D and 7Dii Registration failure...

Hey everyone,  This is my first time on the forums here, please forgive me and direct me to where I should post this if I have submitted incorrectly... I have been trying to register my 7Dii and new 90D on canon's website and it says the registration...

6D Mark II cannot read it's own pictures

Took many pictures with my 6D Mark II, when I look at the photos in the image viewer on the camera, all I get is a big question mark. My updates (both Canon and Mac OS) are all up-to-date. These are photos that will never occur again, is there a way ...

Resolved! Canon 6D mkII gives no live audio on HDMI

Dear people, I am using my Canon 6D Mark II with an external monitor (by HDMI). When I playback a video I can hear de sound just fine. But I also want to listen while filming (live audio) with my headphone. That does not work right now and I have no ...

Canon EOS R and Ninja V both screens?

I attached my Canon EOS R to the Ninja V and I'm able to see the screen/menus in the Ninja V in Video mode just fine. However, When I switch the photo mode, the display is only displayed on the ninja V. Is this by design? Has anyone else had luck see...


Hello!I recorded a video with my camera, had a rode mic attached to it but later realized the mic was never on. When I play it back on my camera, there is no sound. Is there a way to salvage it? Or is it a lost cause?

Thill by Apprentice
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Looking for some advice on a Canon camera?

Hi, everyone. My girlfriend loves photography, she used to have a DSLr camera but had to sell it a few years back for some extra money. Shes not professional by any means, but loves to shoot nature, couple photos. Im wanting to get her a camera for h...

Canon 7D Mk II to Full Frame Mirrorless

I'm thinking about making the jump from a Canon 7D Mark II to a full frame Canon Mirrorless body.  I have a number of lenses - some of which are full frame compatible.  My question is around body compatibility.  Is there an adapter for the mirrorless...

bawrites by Apprentice
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New M50 owner- memory disappeared! Help?

Hey all! Just got my new M50 and everything was great today. The only thing is, I did some very light playing around, trying out the different modes, very minimal setting adjustment (things like preview timer), etc., and somehow my memory/shots avail...

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