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Poor Quality Customer Experience -


After ordering the Canon EOS R7 this morning via on the basis that the inventory status was displayed as "In Stock" to my unpleasant surprise later I was informed by Canon Chat Support

****** Warning ******

11:02 AM Althea
The camera kit is not in stock. The website is incorrect. It states on backorder at Do you wish to keep the order?

****** Warning ******

Also order system's email's are not working properly. I did not receive following three emails on my gmail address

1. "You will receive a confirmation by e-mail to verify your order." email for my order.

2. Email confirming my order cancellation by Canon Chat Support staff.

3. Email containing transcript of the chat session where Canon Chat Support staff cancelled my email.

Easily not a good quality customer experience by most measures.



Oh no! Please contact our Sales team directly for assistance with order issues, as we do not have Sales representatives available on the Canon Community. They can be reached at 1-800-385-2155. 


Thanks for your concern, Unfortunately I have already had to get my order cancelled as I need my new camera by next week. This is to report the poor quality experience based on incorrect information displayed on and to warn other time sensitive customers like me.


Do contact Customer Support. I have been there and done that before. I hope your issue was as simple as mine. I had misspelled my email address 

"The right mouse button is your friend."



Given the material constraints and demand, did you really think you would get one of the first R7's waiting this long to pre-order?  The body's went on sale May 24th.  I'm afraid you waited a bit too long.    

I did the same thing thinking I would wait a week to order the R5 C.  I was out of town on launch and wanted to see if anything glaring came out on the release.  Boy was I surprised.  I missed the first batch all together and didn't get one until the first week of June.  You have to pre-order early to get one of the first release inventory.  You and 9 million others want this body for the 4th of July holiday. 

Realistically I would plan to use  whatever camera you own now for the holiday.  I took my 6D2 to Hawaii last month.  The new camera arrived about 1 week after I got home.  Inventory as it becomes available sells out quickly.  I suspect thats what happened in your case.

You can hunt or wait.  Pick a retailer and pre-order, or visit daily and hope you find one in stock.  I still don't have an Xbox X.  Visit target, Amazon, Game Stop, or Microsoft online.  In stock changes to out of stock as soon as you try to add it to your cart or Buy Now.  

It changes to sorry charlie.


So its not just Canon.  


Bay Area - CA

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