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Canon R3 Overheats Taking Stills


I have a new Canon R3, and it overheated and shut itself down while shooting stills in single shot mode. CPS told me they had never heard of this. The tech I talked to send I could send it back to Canon, but they were unlikely to reproduce the issue in their air conditioned offices. So I called the website I ordered from, and they are taking it back as defective.

That said, I want to know if anyone else has ever seen this problem. Here are the details:

I was shooting the March For Our Lives event in Atlanta, GA on Saturday. I started taking a few pictures around 1pm. I was in single-shot mode, producing only RAW files. I had GPS, WIFI and eye control turned off (default state). Also, I had power savings on default settings, so it would shut down the camera after a minute of being idle. Pressing the shutter button would wake it back up.

The temperature was 86 degrees. I was in a grass field in direct sunlight taking single still shots of speakers. After 90 minutes of occasionally taking pictures (absolutely NO VIDEO at all), the screen in my viewfinder said "Overheated Shutting Down" or something to that effect. R3 camera was unresponsive. I shut it off, waited an minute, and turned it back on. I got one picture off and I got the same "Overheated Shutting Down" screen. I could not snap it out of it. I don't see any kind of warning before it did this. Perhaps there was a little indicator symbol I did not notice, but no warning text.

I headed over to a shaded area and turned camera off for about 10 minutes, missing a speaker. I turned it back on and resumed taking pictures, but I took fewer pictures and shut it off immediately when I got my few pictures. It seemed to be OK afterwards, but of course now I didn't trust it. I was going to shoot soccer and other things with it, but not after that episode. The System Status log was empty.

I have never had this happen with any 35mm DSLR, mirrorless or otherwise. My GUESS is the store tech is right and it has a defect (loose wire, etc). I am NOT, REPEAT NOT, saying this is some kind of general problem with the R3. I just wanted to know if ANYONE else has seen the Canon R3 overheat while shooting stills (especially SINGLE SHOT mode). I had shutter set to mechanical if that matters. We are coming into summer, and this is the first summer the R3 has been with us.






Post this item over on the Fred Miranda site. There are a number of R3 users there. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic