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Hello people,Recently I bought a canon t6 camera and now I want to transfer my photos to my pc using wi-fi connection. I saw a few videos about it on youtube but I can't do this work. On the live view I just can see connections with mobile, printer a...

Resolved! Rebel T6

Hey guys! I'm looking for an AC car inverter that will charge the batter for my T6 (LC-e10) and need to know how many watts I need. I have looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find how many watts the battery/charger pull. Please help me! Thanks so much!

Re: Canon 650d

Hi, I'm having problems with my Canon EOS 650D. It will not take a picture on AF mode. It just keeps on saying busy and I've tried it on MF mode and it does take a picture. This happens just once after years of using it. Please help. Thanks

charmp by Apprentice
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Issue with CF Card on 5D Mark III

I did a photo shoot this weekend, using my 5D Mark III. It holds two cards, so I used the SD card slot for large JPGs and the CF card slot for raw files (I've been shooting this way for years without issue). Before shooting, I formatted both cards in...

tmtrad by Apprentice
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T3i Focus Issue?

Is there a way to check the focus on a T3i?  I intermittently have photos that even though I focus on the center of the subject, it focuses on the nearest object which is usually off-center?  I have checked the lens and it is on AF.  

2017Thanksgiving_0011.JPG resized3.jpg

Rebel T5i won't read of format card

I have read other posts on this subject. They are now years old. I wondered if anything new has come up as the answer to my problem has not been found. I have used the same card since I bought this thing in December of 2015. Never had a problem. Now ...

T3i Blurry Photos all of a sudden

I have a Rebel T3i and have really enjoyed using it over the years. recently, and all of a sudden, it has started having trouble focusing.  Some low light situations, or indoor shots, the camera really struggles to find its focus and oftentimes, won'...

liamket by Apprentice
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Question on live

Gentlemen/Mdm.:I purchased a used a EOS rebel TI 400 D cameraI did not know that the LCD screen did not display live viewI am disabled and use a tongue switch, which is only accessible for certain modelsI did not know that the model I purchased was n...

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