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mirror box

I have a EOS 6D and still new to this stuff of about a year.  Sat, the camera started to act up and it seems to me the mirror box doesn't full open and not working properly.  I also noticed thru the veiw finder there is "stuff" (black little specs li...

EJW1381 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! 6d

What is the difference between a SD card and compact flash card I use in my 7d. I want to get a full fram camera but 6d takes only SD cards. Is there a big difference?

Bilvon by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

"No card" message

7D Mark II. Was taking pics on card that already had some (not many) images on it and think I tried to look at an image. Got No Card message. Tried other cards, used and new, same message.Tried various solutions--Restart camera, remove/replace batter...

Canon EOS M50 Bluetooth

I can pair my M50 with my phone and the connection is fine until I turn off the camera.  The next time I want to use the camera wit bluetooth (mainly for GPS and Time)  I have to "forget" the camera on the phone and redo the pairing.  This is very fr...

bmwkurt by Contributor
  • 14 replies

Resolved! EOS 70D shoot without lens

I'd like to use my 70D with my microscope but I may need to trick my shutter into releasing without "focus acquired" message from the (absent) lens. What's the accessory needed, to complete the electrical data so that I can use the T-mount?Other came...

Resolved! Card write protected error

So I have a an older Canon EOS Rebel XSI. I just bought a new High Performance SDHC Memory Card 16 GB. No matter what I do I can't get it to work. I flip the notch on the side, up down middle so forth. It keeps saying Card write protected. I have pro...

My rebel T6s wont recognize sd card

Within the last few days, I purchased a Rebel T6s 760D. Today upon, open the box and setting the camera up, I foud that not one SD card can be be formatted or recognizable in the camera. I've used over 7 different perfectly good SD cards that have wo...

tmj2015 by Apprentice
  • 30 replies

Sticky Body Residue; plastics breakdown.

Does Canon publish an official article regarding the breakdown of plastics used on their older camera bodies that produce a sticky residue? I Googled the subject and found several suggestions and home remedies using denatured alcohol, hand sanitizer,...

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