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EOS Rebel T7 AF Problem & Won't Display Photos


My EOS Rebel T7 I have been having maybe a year or so. In the past couple of months it has been acting weird. When I turn on the camera it is like it’s trying to focus by itself and I am unable to see anything when snapping a picture. The lens constantly is trying to focus and it makes a beeping/clicking noise. It will allow me to take a picture but I can not view it unless I take the card out and upload to computer. Every now and then the camera will stop doing this and be normal.. how do I stop this and what is causing it? I love my camera but it is driving me crazy! 



What lens are you using?  Turn off the AF switch on the lens. 

I have also seen that type of behavior when the camera is in movie mode.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

This issue applies to every lens. When AF is turned off it fixes the focusing issue but unfortunately still nothing appears on the screen. I can’t look at my gallery on the camera.

Hello Ermiltea welcome to the forums. Will the camera work normally with the lens removed.


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I have the same issue with my T7