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Who Repairs an "Obsolete" EOS 5D Mark II camera?


I own a 5D MarkII.  It's nearly 15 years old.  It's my only digital camera.  Canon told me a few years ago they no longer will repair it, labeling it as "obsolete".  For the first time ever, something is wrong with it serious enough that the camera won't work unless I can have it fixed.  Can anyone recommend a place that they feel excels in repairing old, Canon cameras?



Midwest Camera Repair is one.

Precision Camera Repair is another.

Royal Camera Repair also.

No personal experience with any.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Hi John!

Many, many thanks for your suggestions.  Even if you haven't any personal experience with any of them, at least it gives me a place to start!


Rising Star
Rising Star

Practically speaking, buying a replacement on Ebay for same kind might be cheaper than fixing as that can be expensive to fix.  


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Yeah, sometimes it's no more expensive to buy a replacement, than to have a repair done.

However, doing that you also may end up buying someone else's problems. Especially if buying used gear from eBay, Craigslist, etc.  where most sales are "as is" or have a "30 seconds or 30 feet, which ever comes first" warranty. Might end up both buying the used camera and then having to spend more to have it repaired!

It would cost a bit more, but buying used from a dealer who offers a modest warranty might be a better solution. Even 90 day or 6 month warranty would give plenty of time to check out a camera thoroughly.

Or, just get your current camera fixed if it ain't too expensive. After all, you know that particular camera well, having used it for 15 years.


Alan Myers
San Jose, Calif., USA
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