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HDMI Display not working on EOS Rebel SL2

Im trying to stream with an SL2 and bought everything brand new. Camera Kit, Elgato Cam Link, Mini HDMI x HDMI cord, and Dummy Battery battery. After running some test and running into issues, I have determined that I am not getting any video through...

AF won't lock in 7D Mark II

Canon 7D Mark II - used regularly for one year without issue; auto focus has worked perfectly. Out of the blue, camera will not lock on subject using AF.     Camera placed on tripod     IS turned off     Various lenses tried - same result Camera keep...

Gzagt by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Resolved! EOS 80D Mode Dial Replacement

I purchased a new Mode Dial for my 80D from Canon thinking it would be a snap to replace but I am unable to get the existing one off the camera.  Don't want to use too much force because I'll wind up breaking something else.  Is a special tool needed...

bafinnan by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! new 90D

I just bought the new 90D. First few pictures I couldn't get downloaded to the computer (windows 10), anotrher batch today, but tried to download updated software onto the computer first. What a disaster. Downloaded all that I thought I'd need and us...

Rebel T6i

I love my T6i but recently the view finder has fogged up so that I can not use it anymore.  I have tried to find out how much it would cost to fix it and I was told that it would be around $300.  So now I am not sure what I can do.  I have been think...

pma1123 by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

Canon 5D Mark iii Shutter Slowing down

When shooting in Single Shooting drive mode. I've noticed that my shutter will start to sound like it's in silent mode.The normal clack of the shutter flipping stops making that noise and it sounds like silent mode even though I didn't change it.If I...

llehmann by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Canon Eos Rebel T6i Camera Not Taking Pictures

My camera won't take pictures unless I'm facing it at the ground. Sometimes it will take one or two at a normal angle, but it will stop after that. I'm worried I messed up something with the sensor or lense because I was changing lenses before this h...

eshelly by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Canon T6i Menu and Display Problems

Hi,I'm new to the forum but I've been shooting exclusively with Canon for about 10 years. I'm currently having an issue with my T6i that I bought new close to 4 years ago. I only have access to the menu while on the preset functions (landscape, portr...

Sherry_B by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! EOS R ISO L Values

Hey everyone, I googled the heck out of this and couldn't find an answer! On my Canon EOS R the lower ISO values show up as ISO L for ISO 100-320.  Everything I saw online pointed to older cameras and ISO L50, but thats not what i'm seeing on the EOS...

AF selection process EOS 5D Mark IV HELP!

Hey guys, I need HELP! I have just upgraded from the Mark III and I had the AF selection set up so when I half released the shutter all 61 points of focus boxes would appear in viewfinder and all I had to do was use my joystick to toggle to which sin...

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