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Video Time limit (T8i)


I’ve bought a T8i and wanted to know if it has a time limit for video recording.

I’ve read that almost all Canon DSLRs have a 30 minutes time limit when recording video on the SD card, but don’t know if this model also has a time limit when recording video straight to a PC or MAC using OBS or any other software.


Thanks for any additional info.


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Assuming you're using a HDMI capture card, no time limit.  The 29:59 limit is just for internal recording.


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Yes, I'm using a capture card. 

Thanks so much for the reply Jaewooson

Yeah, right. You WILL have a 29 minute recording limit (with the t8i) no matter what you do. The camera WILL shut off after 29 minutes, weather you are recording, or not, or recording with a cam card or not. It makes NO difference, even if you disable the "auto shut off". I am speaking specifically in regards to the t8i (my camera).

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Another possible option to using a HDMI-equipped computer or external recorder may be to investigate the Magic Lantern Forum to inquire if they currently have a T8i version of the ML open source add-on software that loads from your memory card.  The ML code is not a replacement or hack of the installed Canon firmware and is completely legal.  It is open source so a T8i version may be available or "in the works".  ML removes the 29:59 limit as well as adding other useful video recording capabilities like time-lapse and additional focus assist. Obviously, use any firmware add-ons at your own risk.

It's STILL "under development". My T8i, is STILL turning, off after 29minutes, even with the autoturn off, turned off.


"Obviously, use any firmware add-ons at your own risk."


I, and Canon, advise folks to never use "hacks" like Magic Lantern. If it screws up, and it can, your Canon FW, Canon will not warranty it.

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"Obviously, use any firmware add-ons at your own risk." - Lotus7

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Repeat: "Obviously, use any firmware add-ons at your own risk."  Which is why it was noted as a "possible" option.  🙂

Thanks for suggesting the alternative.