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7D vs 70D

Which would be a better camera the 7d or 70d  for shooting birds and is my Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6. compatible with both

chief by Enthusiast
  • 22 replies

Resolved! T7i has no external mic level control???

Please, someone tell me that there is a way to adjust the audio recording level on the T7i. I went out of my way to get a camera with a mic input for high-quality audio in my videos, but unlike the T6i, 70D, etc., it looks like Canon decided to remov...

1DX MKII only showing 48 or 50 RAW images

I have a new 1DX MKIIIn the viewfinder it shows only 48 frames in the viewfinder for RAW, I thought it would show 99, since it has a buffer of 170.on my 1DX the 12 FPS shuttre sounds very consistent, on the 1DX MKII it fluctuates, it seems to go up a...

bwalley by Contributor
  • 26 replies

Resolved! Canon 5D mkiii won't take photos

Hello,  I need expert assistance for my Canon 5D mk iii. CONTEXT: I hadn't used my camera for several days and left it stored in a cushioned camera case where it sat in my camera bag. It was brought to my car and left in the passenger compartment or ...

M5/M6 questions

I currently use a 5D3 but walking all day through some of the National Parks in the US South West in the summer carrying such a heavy camera and lens has become a bit of a burden so I have begun to think about buying a second camera, this one a light...

Feedback on Vlog (6Dii)

[video] Would love some feedback on our vlogs. shot on the 6dii. I am not the editor of our campany but have been put in charge of the youtube so looking for contrcutive critisism. thank you 

6D Mark II HDMI Out

Hello everyone, Is it possible to have both the camera screen and an external monitor working at the same time? I have a Smallhd 502 that I want to use. But at the same time I also need the touch function for focus. Thanks

idraghia by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

5D IV-Zoom and crop factor

Hello, correct me if I´m wrong; please.Using the 5DIV in 4K video mode, the crop factor is exactly x1,7. Or less (rumors?)? Using these Canon zooms in 4K what will I get?24-70mm wil be 40-120mm?16-35mm will be 27x60? Less wide than the lens native fo...

Cunha by Rising Star
  • 2 replies

Eos 600d autofocus wont work

Hi my dad offered me to have his old eos 600d! It will not ayto focua anymore! It is not a lense issue since we tried a new lense and it still wont work! Anybody have any ideas what else i can try?

Amastro by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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