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EOS R6 Mark II woes: Face tracking, LCD screen, lack of a manual


i am just hating this body. i want to love it, but i don't. i feel like i am constantly trying to outsmart it, because it's way smarter than i. i have shot for over 10 years on a 5d mark ii, but have taken up a liking to sports photography and the 5d2 is just poop for noise on anything over 3000 iso. football and indoor sports pretty much require 3000+ 

i freaking HATE hate double hate the focus system on this r6ii. i have messed around with all the settings a billion times and just hate it. to start... i cannot get it to track a single persons face. it jumps all over hell no matter what i do or what i set it too. then just brushing the lcd throws my focal point to wherever, but the face tracking is what is really irritating me. 

today... the camera has decided that it needs to turn the lcd off any 2 seconds it gets. it flashes on and off while im attempting to change the menus this is when i have the lens facing the ground... on off on off on off... literally about to call b&h and ask for my money back.

not to mention the lack of a manual (like past bodies) is just absurd. it's like 7 pages. my 5d manual is a good 3 evenings read for 3 hours each. i am looking for anyone who has nailed down their settings for this body for fast moving people. id appreciate it.




Were you looking at the quick start guide?  The User Manual is over 1,000 pages.


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Oh.... maybe lol. i was looking at the hand held book that came with it! feeling rather dumb now. ha



Nothing to feel bad about.  Ricky's reference should help.  Take a look at page 455,  Eye Tracking is customizable.  Try selecting People.  Also look at the AF Area and set so the AF isn't looking at the entire frame.  You'll have to experiment and see what works best for your shooting situation.  Hopefully this will help the tracking ability. 

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yeah 🙂

I did talk to a few people who own r3s last night and sent me all his sports settings in the menus. i think that will help. yesterday during volleyball i was so frustrated with the camera jumping off my daughter and onto someone else who jumped thru the frame even after changing the setting to supposedly not jump subjects, i put it way. just frustrating... i realize im going from a dino to a spaceship too so there will be a big techy learning curve.


Try resetting the camera back to factory defaults.  Try these exact AF settings.


These should give you a behavior similar to how you described your 5D.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


I Purchased the R6 Mark II and the Manual is ENDLESS! Two weeks later, I'm STILL Reading and Learning this Thing. There's a lot of Videos on YouTube also. At the end of the Day, The R6 Mark II is the BEST camera Investment that I have made, to date. I'm shooting Weddings, School Portrait Photography and, Surprisingly, Dog Photography, ( fell into that one ). I LOVE this R6 Mark II, after you learn it's operation, you will also …