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60D scree only works in live mode

My wife's 60D lcd screen will go blank as soon as I put it on another mode.  I have tried to reset the camera, but no luck.  I can't see pictures I have taken, or see the menu settings.  Anyone else have a similiar issue, and is there a fix for the p...

Resolved! comparisons between the 6D2 and the 90D

I think I have narrowed down my next camera to another 6D2 or a 90D, same price for either one at this time. Looking for someones real hands on feedback on the 90D if you have owned or do own and use one now plus what you do and don't like about it. ...

FidoQ by Contributor
  • 9 replies

EOS M5 wifi connection to PC

Hi, I did not find the right answer for my question, someone may have it.I have a Canon EOS M5 and want to sync my raw files via WiFi. I was able to set-up google drive as a target (using the home internet via WiFi) but it says it cannot sync raw fil...

Video won't focus. EOS 600D

Hello everyone! I have a Canon EOS600D and have decided to use this for a video assignment for Uni. The lens has no problem at all as the pictures have come out crystal clear. But the video mode is not working in my favour at all. The video does not ...

KayeC7 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Rebel t6i firmware 1.0.0

Hello evry one, Im hopeing some one can help before i have to send in my camera to canon. I have T6i and all of a sudden i can get any lens ( I have tried three) Canon lenses to auto focus. Im also having an issue where i cant shoot on any other mode...

Robzilla by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

6d mkii or 90d from t3i?

Heyyo! Its been a long time since Ive looked for a new camera and ahve been using a hand me down t3i for years. Been getting more serious the past 2 years and feel it is time for a step up. Most of my photography has been street/urban at night  and a...

Broken 5D!!!

I have a Canon 5D Mark I. Some time ago I was in the middle of changing lenses while the camera was on, and that was the last time it worked. After that incident it refused to work again.It powers on but returns an error on the top LCD screen. From w...

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