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Screen turns black when taking pictures - EOS 2000d


Hello, as the title said, the screen of my EOS 2000d switches off when I'm taking pictures. I bought it second-hand but in nearly new condition a few years ago and I've always taken good care of it but recently when out shooting, the screen suddenly switched to black. I thought the camera broke but after trying to take a few test pictures to find out what the issue was and plugging the SD card into my computer, I saw that the pictures looked normal and that it was just my screen which seemed to stop working. What makes it even weirder in my experience is that the screen randomly seems to turn on again after shooting a few pictures before turning black again. This is quite inconvenient because I mainly shoot on manual mode so I need to see the settings that I'm using, which has become nearly impossible and I don't want to gamble with the setting when I'm out taking pictures. When I change the picture mode, I sometimes do see the menu in a flash before the screen turns black again.
I think it's a software issue or maybe an issue with the screen but I can only guess. Does anyone know how to solve this issue or should I just take it to the store to see if they can fix it?



If it is like my T6s, there is a sensor below the viewfinder and if the eyecup slips down it can block the sensor and turn off the screen.

I don't believe this camera has the sensor underneath the viewfinder. It is NOT mentioned in the manual for this camera.


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