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My brand new R6 LCD screen is black I can't get it back on??


Hi there.


Just got the R6 and have only used it for 2 days. Now, the LCD screen is off and I can't seem to get it back on? I'm not sure what I did. I might have just pressed a wrong button combination; not in the settings menu, I mean on the camera body itself.


I've tried swapping batteries, memory cards, and lenses.


My viewfinder works if the LCD is closed; and I can shoot and poke around in the menus through the viewfinder, but nothing I try in the menu works. I've checked the screen brightness, modes, and reset camera settings.


What's going on here? Do I need to send it in? Thanks for any help!



Sounds like you've already tried almost everything, but as a last resort:


*Remove the battery

*Remove the SD Card(s)

*Turn on the power switch and wait at least 60 seconds (discharges residual charges in various registers)

*Re-install a charged battery and the SD Card(s)

*Confirm that you are set to "Viewfinder-1" mode

*With the LCD screen in normal viewing position, confirm that the EVF (viewfinder) sensor is working correctly:

*While viewing at a distance while covering the sensor the EVF should light up and uncovering it should shut off the EVF

If the R6 somehow got switched to "Viewfinder-2", the EVF may remain on, even with the sensor uncovered.

*Press the MENU button

If the LCD stiil does not function, phone 1-800-652-2666 (EOS Customer Service)



Thanks, no luck, will probably have to send it in.

I was having the same problem and thanks to @lotus7 I contacted canon via the number in his or her post. In my case I had accidentally pressed the “info” button. I had to laugh at myself but that solved the problem in my case.