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M50 Screen flickering black

So the screen on my M50 has been flickering black for a fraction of a second anytime there’s movement in the camera. When I move it, set it down, any type of very minor bump it happens. The screen turns back on immediately, but it’s still rather irri...

birds in flight/gimbal and 7dm2 questions

Hi all, I'm new to the page. I am still learning, and would appreciate some help. One of my favorite things to do is to video birds in flight. My husband is a master falconer, so i get to be up close and personal with the hawks and falcons. The birds...

Resolved! SL3 / 250D - Labeled differently

I am shopping for a EOS Rebel SL3. From what I have read this camera is also known as the EOS 250D.There are some for sale on eBay and are labeled on the front of the camera as EOS 250D.Most that I have seen online are labeled as EOS Rebel SL3.  I'm ...

deflint by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

6D mark II very strange SD-card error

I've been using my 6d mark II with two identical SanDisk 128 Gb UHS-II 300MB/s SD cards for a long time, but recently I tried to start use the usual UHS-I SD-card in my camera and.. it doesn't work. I having an issue where my 6D II shows "No card in ...

EOS R and back button AF

I recently upgraded from my EOS 5D Mk III (and before that a 7D) to a new EOS R. I've always set my AF-On button to focus so I can use the back button focusing technique. With the EOS R, this is already the default and I only had to disable focus fro...

greggp by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Canon 5d Mark IV Video Files

I have a 5d Mark IV, all updated with the latest firmware, SD card and CF card, recording to both for redundancy. Mac OS Catalina. When I put the SD card in my Mac the video files do now show up. I know they are there becasuse I can play them on the ...

sports photography with the 7d.

I am new to the 7d and canon all together.  I am trying to take pictures of my sons baseball games and I cannot get the bat or ball to be clear.  I want to be able to see the seams of the ball and the name on the bat.  However I have to admit I am a ...

Stew9 by Apprentice
  • 28 replies

Recommendations for computer

Need some idea about what I should be looking for in a computer to buy, so that I can move pictures from a canon 50D to the computer and prepare them for print.I dont need to do a large volume Im no longer working so I dont need to deal with clients.

BrianB by Contributor
  • 18 replies

Resolved! SL2 high ISO

Hello. First time posting here and new to DSLRs. A while back I bought a Canon T6 but a few days ago I saw an SL2 and decided to buy it. So I have both cameras but I'll be selling the T6. When I have both cameras on and pointed at the same spot, I no...

Rebel t5 won't turn on

So, my t5 will not turn on.  My camera is at least 4 years old I think.  No trouble up until now.  New battery from Amazon, did not turn it on.  So, yes, I suspected the battery might be at fault.  But took the camera to a highly reputable camera sho...

Weeezeee by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Canon 6D underexposing

Hi. I recently got a Canon 6D (original version). I'm finding that it's consistently underexposing images. I shoot RAW images on aperture priority, and I always have to keep the exposure compensation set to +1EV. Different metering modes and lenses d...

EOS-1D X Error 20

I have a idx mk 1 and my camera froze bringing up an error 20 code. I sent it away to get fixed and it came back after having the shutter box and a pcb board replaced. The fault happened again and this tie no message and a blank screen. The repair co...

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