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1DX Mark III and Capture One iPad Tether


Shooting the IDX Mark III and successfully connecting via USB_C to the newish Capture One iPad app. Hoping to use it as a client review tool on location.  The issue I'm having is when I'm connected via USB-C the camera will not write to the internal CFexpress cards and only transfers the images to the iPad.

To make it work as I need,  is there a menu option on the MKIII to have both? Transfer to iPad via tether and write to the card? 

C-1 states several camera systems have this function but I can't find it on the MK III menu.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.




Not a Capture 1 user personally.  

Try this.

Open C1, Tether Tools tab > Camera Settings > Save to dialog

Change from "C1" to "CFe + C1"



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Brilliant. Thank you so much. This gives me hope that at some point I can figure our how make this work wirelessly as well.

Thanks again