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Best cable for tethering R5 to M2 Max MacBook Pro running Capture One


Tether Tools cables are just not hacking it. Way too many disconnects. On a recent shoot, my Digi Tech said she always uses Area 51 cables, but she'd noticed the cables possibly overheating and disconnecting with the M2 MacBook Pro. I shoot portraits and lifestyle, so on a typical lifestyle shoot, I may be shooting 2-5K images, so pushing a lot of data through that cable. What are your preferred cables in the 16' plus range (shooting lifestyle so handheld, moving around)? 




16 feet is really pushing it for USB-C, I assume you are using active cables. I don't know that we can suggest any cables, but I would suggest strain relief on both ends to prevent connection issues and strain on the camera.

Area 51 cables, a mainstay amongst professional advertising DT's, do 31':


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BUT, Canon's are known for having tethering issues, with Capture One and, as described above, I've heard anecdotal evidence of overheating even in the Area 51 cables with the R5, but only when using the MBP with the M2 chip. So, very specific to the M2 chip in the MBP. As that is a very common setup for a lot of pro photographers though, R5 tethering to a MBP with the M2 chip, I'm hoping to hear from others what their preferred (16'+) tethering cable setup is.



If you want to be tethered while moving about handheld, then I suggest the Wi-Fi adapter.  You need the real adapter, not the built-in one.  I think it comes in a battery grip.

I’ve never tried it out before, but I have sports photographers friends that use an adapter to immediately download files to somewhere on a network they are connected to.

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I need to look into that more, but I think shooting RAW at a high frame rate (lifestyle), is still not possible. I think a lot of sports work is shot JPG and then sent direct to the wire services. From what I've heard, people in the know are still talking 5-10 years before cards are gone and we shoot straight to the cloud.   

You may have a point regarding data transfer.  I believe they are still using DSLRs, which do not have the very high frame rates that are found in MILCs.  Images are around 20MP.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


The issue I have found with the R5, unlike most other cameras, is you can not turn off charging via USB-C while tethering in the settings menu.  This interferes while tethering and can cause disconnects.  All camera manf. recommend turning off USB-C charging while tethering.  Hopefully Canon will push out a firmware update that includes this feature.  Tether Tools cables have the power delivery feature which is really nice for other reasons but since the R5 can not deactivate it can cause dropped signals.  Area 51 does not power delivery in their cables, however their cables are not made with the same quality guage wire and can over heat and cause other problems.  Tether Tools have heavier gauge copper wires and I have found to be very reliable.

The best work-around I have found is using a USB-C to USB-A adapter.  As long as the adapter is USB 3.0 speed you will not loose any transfer speed from the camera to computer.  Using this adapter, automatically deactivates the Power Delivery because you are tricking the internal E-Mark chip in the cable into thinking it should not transfer power. 

Very interesting! As both the the R5 and the MacBook Pro are USB-C, would that mean also adding a USB-A to USB-C dongle, probably to the laptop connection? So Tether Tools cable right angle connector on the camera, TetherBlock to secure the cable to camera, then at the MacBook Pro end a USB-C to USB-A adapter, then a USB-A to USB-C dongle (I have the Apple ones) into the laptop? Thanks!  

Yes, sorry I realize now I was not clear on that point.  Yes, keep the C connection into the camera but at the computer side convert to a USB A via an adapter or hub.


I'm in agreement with kvbarkley, 16' is pushing it.

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