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Resolved! 60Da won't turn on

I was doing time lapse with my 60Da. I noticed that I was getting en error message. I turned it off.  I could not get it to turn on. Not with battery or with the adaptor. This is the weird part, I have a crappy non-Canon battery that does not charge ...

rondog99 by Contributor
  • 6 replies

my picture shows huge black ring

I just got a brand new 5Dmk3 last week and put sigma 50mm 1.4 on it. There were huge black circles appeared on my pictures after taking few testing shots.( two pictures had the circles)Would anyone know what is causing this problem? Is it the camera ...

black circles

Surprise party

Hello!I have a surprise party coming up for my niece. What is the best way to get the shocked face as she walks through the door?Thanks for your help!

Camera Connect-recover a deleted video?

Hello, I have accidentally deleted a video through the camera connect app on ios12.I am using the Canon 80d.Is there a way to reover the deleted video?I have tried   sandisk recovery delux, and cardrescue software and none of them were able to retrie...

rock79 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Indoor Kitten Photos-need help

Hi! I'm a kitten foster and am constantly needing to take indoor photos to post for adoption and many times this is in lower light and my subjects are in constant motion. I do try to get them near windows for natural lighting which doesn't always wor...

Eos M camera help me pls

Hello, I just got into cameras In manual mode, it used to show me how the picture would look. the live view would change like darker or brighter as i set the exposure and shutter speed and all that. But now it doesn't change at all, so i dont really ...

Davizld by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Canon 5DM3 - Bracketing shots not firing

Hello,I am trying to fire my camera Canon 5DM3 to shoot 3 bracket shots (-2, 0, +2).  I have my Expo.comp./AEB set to -2, 0, +2), HDR is disabled, and number of bracketed shots is set to 3. When I fire the camera only one image is shot. I'm not sure ...

80D Repair

Hello, I purchased an 80D kit in Costco in 06/2017. Recently, my camera started turning on and off by itself and was obviously unusable. I updated the firmware and changed the battery and followed a reset procedure after talking to Canon but to no av...

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