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R6 Multicontroller (d-pad) thoughts


Just upgraded to the R6 and the lack of dpad control is driving me insane in the menus. Is there some reason it's better to not have one inside the control dial? I've never accidentally hit the controller when going for the dial so seems a weird thing to remove (the 6D ii seems to have the same as the 90d). The joystick on the R6 is a little too far away to be comfortable for me right now, hopefully I'll get used to it but wondering if I'm missing something as this is the first time I've gone to a more advanced style body.

Thanks all - probably only on stupid question 1 of a thousand but you were all very helpful on my last post selecting the camera so I'll keep asking 🙂




There are no "bad" questions.  Over time we have all acquired personal likes and experiences with the body's we use.  As body's have become more sophisticated, button programmability has also changed. D-Pads are more popular on point and shoot and Rebel series.  Over time I think you will become accustomed to the quick control dial, set button and joystick.  You'll be surprised how quickly muscle memory develops.  

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