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Resolved! 1Dx does a self-power down and dumps photos

I have a 1Dx and recently after shooting a 40 frame burst the camera powered itself down before it wrote the directory to the CF card. All photos were lost. What's more is the camera cannot be powered back up until the battery is reseated. This is an...

TEZ72 by Contributor
  • 18 replies

Canon Kiss X9i (T7i or 800D) - ERR 70

Hey guys,I have a Canon X9i, I took pictures and videos normally. I knew about the webcam feature but had never used it, I thought it was with EOS Utility, I downloaded the program, tried to connect the camera with USB, when opening the program, it r...

6Dii Live View shuts down - external monitor

I am hoping I am not the only guy on here with this issue. I have read several forums, and there seems to be a general issue with certain model Canon cameras ramdomly shutting down in Live View mode. My issue seems to be with my Lilliput external mon...

neils by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Resolved! 430 EXII and Rebel T7?

Hello group. Years back, when all we had was film, I owned a nice camera that I later sold because I stopped using it. 3 kids, and a steady job cuts into your free time for photography. Now I've retired and want to get back into photography. I purcha...

JLS70 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Number sequence out of whack!

Attended a dog show and took 144 photos. Downloaded them from the card to my laptop. OK, so far. When I went to view them. the were interspersed with photos that my wife too weeks ago. Her photos would be IMG.XXXX.jpg but my photos would be IMG.XXXX,...

EOS 90d viewfinder doesn’t work

I turned my camera on the other day and the viewfinder would not focus and none of the display works. The camera works just fine in live view. Also the display on the top of the camera does not work. The light comes on but nothing is displayed. I see...

Resolved! R5: Unable to copy 4K 120fps files to iPad

In my workflow for video files shot on the Canon R5 on the CFExpress card, I attach the USBC CFExpress card reader to the iPad, and insert the card from the camera. In the iPad Photos app, it shows up as a device and shows the thumbnails of the still...

xt3tor5 by Contributor
  • 10 replies
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