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EOS R5 and wifi printing

Hello, on my old EOS R I used the option of direct printing to the selphy cp1300 printer. Great thing especially at weddings. Unfortunately, this option is not available on the new EOS R5. Do you have any advice on how to set this up? I didn't expect...

lukin77 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

EOS Rebel - Film Settings

Hi all, I've seen others use their Canon Rebel to film scenes for their films. There are many settings to choose. If anyone on this list has used their Canon Rebel to video record, would you please share what settigns you've chosen? This is besides s...

Canon EOS Ra question

Hello everyone,Hopefully someone can answer this question for me. Am considering purchasing a Canon EOS Ra (i know its an astrophotography camera), but would like to know if it can be use as a regular photo/video camera ( example: youtube videos)? Ki...

Resolved! EOS 5D software and driver utility

Hi All,I am rather stuck, I need the Canon software and drivers for my EOS 5D, but because of the very poor labelling on the bottom of my camera, the serial number has worn off. Without a serial number, the software is not downloadable.Any assistance...

ohiokiwi by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

DCIM has disappeared!

I was going to download some photos, RAW and jpg, for practice on DPP4. Now the 100Canon (DCIM)  file is gone. I can find the DCIM folder on the camera, EOS Rebel T7 which shows a zero. Looked at the list of things on the left when I pull up DPP4. No...

Moza aircross 2

does anyone here have the moza aircross 2 gimbal for their sl3?I recently bought one becuae I specifically asked moza if the gimbal functions work on the SL3/250D.they said they all did. aperature adjustment, ISO etc.I got it, and even the shutter wo...

rebel xti no blue light

This first started a couple months ago when I took a photo there is no blue light, ive factory reset the camera, tried other lenses and I have no idea whats wrong any advice helps.

willme7 by Contributor
  • 12 replies

dark area when shooting at 8000 shutter speed

just bought the Mkiii Canon 5d as a back up for my other and there is a dark banding across the top of the screen. Ive been told this is to be expected, however I checked same settings with my other mkiii  camera and no banding. is this a failing shu...

idbrew by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Camera connect to download videos

Hi!When I record videos I am unable to transfer them to my iPhone through camera connect. this is my firstDSLR and I could be doing something wrong. I wanted to know if there's any way to down load the videos through camera connect. If that is not po...

Court0706 by Apprentice
  • 12 replies
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