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Rebel XSI Image Copyright Settings Location?


i wanted to copyright my images, but i couldnt find the settings to do so on my rebel xsi. Is my camera too old to have that feature? Thanks!



I just checked your user manual and there does not appear to be a setting in the menu system to do this within the camera.

cheers, TREVOR

"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow", Leo Tolstoy;
"Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase" Percy W. Harris


You beat me to it, Trevor! Just did the same.  No sign of that feature.

Depending upon how you're importing the photos though, you could have the software add copyright information.  I do this myself with Adobe Lightroom.   You can also batch-update copyright notices on photos imported previously.  I'm there there are other software solutions that could do the same.


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Thanks for that extra info.  The PP software solution would certainly seem be the way to go.

cheers, TREVOR

"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow", Leo Tolstoy;
"Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase" Percy W. Harris


If there is no setting for copyright you may still be able to add Owner name. It works with the older D30. Do it with Gphoto2 or EOS Utility.

Or do as already mentioned, add it in post.


It's not the age of the camera, it is the fact that it is a rebel.


Rebels, especially an old one like the XSi, don't have all the functions and controls that upper-level cameras do.

I just looked at my Rebel T1i, and my higher-level 50D. On those, the manual indicates that copyright info is SET with EOS Utility. On the camera you can only delete what's there.


If you use Lightroom the only way to add a text on the photo copyright is with the Watermark feature. 

Edit tab>Edit watermarks

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I hope this might help. Copyright law varies by country and by treaties among countries. In the United States, every photo you make is copyrighted from the moment you make it. Also, one may register a copyright for added protection: and for what photographers should know about copyright.

The rest of this assumes you want to associate a copyright notice with your photos. Tells about some meta data tags used by Google to identify ownership of photos. Has information about the Metadata Working Group standards for combining of similar tags. It seems to me that sometimes this conflicts with what Google wants.

I used the following command line to set various meta data fields on one of my recent photos. This would be the same on macOS or Linux, but the quoting would be different on Windows. By specifying "*.JPG" this may be done for a large number of photos in one command line. Exiftool is free software:

exiftool -Xmp:LicensorURL='' \
-Xmp:LocationShownProvinceState='Oklahoma' \
-Xmp:LocationShownCountryName='United States' -State='Oklahoma' \
-Xmp:LocationShownCity='Norman' -Country='United States' -City='Norman' \
-copyrightnotice='Copyright John Moyer, all rights reserved.'  -copyright='Copyright John \
Moyer, all rights reserved.' IMG_8870c*.JPG

I used to following GraphicsMagic command line to put a frame around a photo and write a caption and copyright notice onto the frame. GraphicsMagick is free software. This was on Linux and the font location and quoting will be different on macOS or on Windows.

gm convert -verbose IMG_8571c.JPG -resize "40%" -unsharp 0x1 \
-mattecolor black -frame 16x16 -font helvetica -fill white \
-font '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf' \
-draw "text 4,1228 'Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) on wild grape vine in Norman, Oklahoma, United States on January 13, 2024, Copyright All rights reserved.'" \
-define 'jpeg:dct-method=float,jpeg:optimize-coding=true' -interlace line  \
-quality 97 2024jan13_cardinal_IMG_8571c.jpg

The result is on my web server at: