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Mirrorless upgrade opinions for a 90D user.


Looking for a sanity check, my goal is to upgrade to mirrorless finally ideally sometime this year or next. Currently I mostly take photos of birds using a 90D + an old canon 500mm f4.5 USM L.

It works, I get great shots with this combination but I would definitely enjoy the benefits of the better autofocusing and IBIS to help my old lens out a smidge to improve my keep rate.

As I currently have a set up that does work I do have the ability to wait out a longer and wanted to get opinions if I should set aside for a hypothetical R7 MK II that I would imagine would improve some of the AF issues or a used R5 whenever the R5 MK II comes out.

I know neither of these exist and there is no way of knowing when they actually will come out which is fine I can wait. I am mostly just uncertain on going FF finally and not having as much reach which I quite enjoy with the APSC bodies. Would love to hear from y'all on what ya think! Thanks!



What is your overall budget? Would that budget be for the body only (and thus you plan to keep using your existing EF lenses)? Or would it cover new RF lenses?

Additionally, if you plan to keep using your existing lenses, are any of them EF-S lenses?


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Honestly, I think we are rather crystal ball gazing in trying to give you a definitive answer on models that do not exist. I suggest saving your funds so that you have the money to make a choice when there are clear specs to consider but, even better, wait until such a camera is released and has been in the field long enough to get some idea of its performance.

cheers, TREVOR

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