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EOSR5 File Naming


Suddenly my EOSR5 is playing up. I have a set File Name MPR50000 (0000 being the image number) and ever since I got the camera, no problems. Now the file names come out as _PR50000. (IE no M), Have reset the file name and it seems to last a little while then reverts to the missing M again. Most frustrating as I have to change file names in post processing. Any clues as to what is going on? Thanks.



The leading underscore character in a file name is the default behavior for images captured using the Adobe Color Space, instead of the factory default Standard Color Space.

The file name(s) can be changed once the file is copied off the memory card to a computer.  The Canon EOS Utility can performing the rename process automatically,, as well as sort the images into custom folders accoriding to parameters that you specify.

Many users find downloading with a card reader to be much faster than the EOS Utility.  I think the EOS Utility is faster because it saves me a ton of time sorting the files, by renaming them and sorting them into new folders.  This is a godsend when shooting the multiple camera bodies.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Many thanks. I don't remember changing to Adobe, but yes it was set at that. Have changed back to sRGB. Good to know. Peter.

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