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Resolved! Using wifi to download photos to computer

Hello all, I recently upgraded from a T1i to a T7i, and I was looking forward to being able to transfer photos from my camera to my computer over wifi. I couldn't find instructions for doing so in the manual, but I found a few youtube videos. I got t...

melly82 by New Contributor
  • 5 replies

EOS R Focus Point Always Moves on Touch

The focus point on the EOS R moves whenever I touch anywhere on the touch screen when I am not looking through the viewfinder. This results in inadverent touches on the screen changing the focus point. I have Touch and Drag disabled, but it still mov...

mikul by Occasional Contributor
  • 9 replies

Canon EOS R - Banding

I trully hope the someone from Canon maybe see this post...I have a EOS R camera with the latest firmware update 1.6 and i still have alot of banding in the long exposure photos.I have tried:-LENR-Long exposure noise reduction - does not resolve the ...

Lbs26 by Occasional Contributor
  • 12 replies

EOS R - Canon Fanboy Review

My local camera store got the camera way earlier than expected and they told me: either you buy it right now or it goes to the guy next in line. So like the Canon fanboy that I am, I took it and I have to say, not regretting it AT ALL. Maybe buyer re...

Laksha by New Contributor
  • 3 replies

Cheapest camera to use EOS Utility With?

Hello canon I've been doing some research on a photo booth camera and I'm coming up blank.I want to know what the most inexpensive camera I can use with the EOS Utility software is. I'm working on setting up a photo booth, and I'd like to use a DSLR ...

Samebeef by New Contributor
  • 4 replies

T7 unresponsive

I work as a photographer at a high volume car dealership and we don't have spare cameras lying around, so i'm coming here for help before I resort to sending the camera in for service. I picked up a pair of T7 kits at my local Target in November and ...

delliott by New Contributor
  • 15 replies

Resolved! Hot and dead pixels

Hello, I got my canon eos R just 7 months ago. I just noticed in some photos some dead pixels. Then when lookging through  the viewfinder if I don't remove the lens cover, I can see many dead pixels and also near to the corners I see many blue pixels...


DJI mavic 2 PRO vs Canon EOS R

I know this is a DSLR forum but I have a very annoying query running in my mind. I have an old Canon ,1100 D with 50mm 1.8 that kinda does the job outdoors .I have been eyeing to buy a drone for 6 months now and now that I've saved enough for it ,I a...

Resolved! Banding in shots under led lights???

 I did a shoot last night with my EOS R of a dance performance. 12,800 ISO with a 70-300 Canon lens. In almost all of the vertical images and many of the horizontal images I got what I will call "banding lines" in the shot. It was LED theatrical ligh...

Resolved! EOS R No firmware selection

Maybe im crazy and missing something but when im in my setup menu on tab 6 and i scroll down through the list of options there isnt one for firmware. so... how am i supposed to update my firmware? any help is greatly appreciated.

Blurry photos - help EOS60D

I have an EOS60D body and a 55-80mm and 55-200mm lens. Every time I take photos I fix my ios, shutter speed and aperture however the pictures never come out sharp even when I have it on auto focus. The pixelated quality is more evident when you zoom ...

Roxana25 by New Contributor
  • 6 replies