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My camera is Canon 90D. Usually I set AF Operation as AI Servo. Is this the best setting for still objects? Someone suggested switching to One Shot. How to switch between  AI Servo and One Shot quickly by pressing only one button?
I just got Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS USM ii lens for Canon 90D. I understand the difference in the definitions of the three stabilizations modes. I want to set a stabilizations mode that can be used in most environments. I want to choose mode 1 or...
I just updated lens from Canon 400mm prime to Canon 100-400mm IS ii lens.I use Canon 90D and AI Servo AF, single point focus.Using Stabilization mode 3 for Canon 100-400mm IS ii lens.After a week test, the photos I took are sharper then old lens but ...
For Canon 90D, default RAW file name is IMG_9999.CR3. (9999 is digital number, incresing by 1, e.g. 1001, 1002)Is it possible to save it in another format? Like ddmmyy_9999.CR3?
I have 90D camera.Every time after taking photos, I moved out memory card and then insert it into PC to transfer photos from card to PC.Since I take photos very often, is it a good way to move and insert memory card very often?
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