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Resolved! EOS R5 120 fps clips import at 29.97 fps

I am mostly certain this is user error, but I can't quite diagnose it.  When I record clips in 4K/120 on the EOS R5 and import them onto my Macbook pro, the clips get imported at 29.97 fps for some reason. When I record at 23.976 fps they get importe...

Eos 700d taking photos by itself ?

I’ve a canon eos 700d . Tonight I was taking photos and the camera started taking many photos by itself after I tried to take a photo  . This has happened once to me before . Has this happened to anyone else ? It would take a burst of about 6-7 photo...

Resolved! Camera says, "Memory Card Full" - EOS R7

I have a EOS R7 and for some reason my camera won't let me take more photos because it says my card is full. Then when I push the review button, it says the card is empty. I pulled it up on my computer and the card is empty. The memory card is a Extr...

Canon EOS M50 wont save photos to SD Card

Hey, I'm camera savvy but have been given an eos m50 to look at for a friend and it has me stumped. When you record a video, it saves to the SD card and you can review it in playback. When you take a photo in any mode however, the camera makes a soun...

Claire25 by Apprentice
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Resolved! 6D Random underexposed image

Hello. I hope you can help.  I own a Canon 6D and twice in the past week I was taking photos where a random image would come up underexposed.  I was shooting in manual mode, each image was identical other than a slightly different angle and shot only...

Moon photos? - EOS Rebel T7

I can't find the photos to give the settings for my T7. It was a full moon, set the camera on the tripod with the Sigma 150-600mm lens set at 600mm. I could look through the viewfinder and see the "man in the moon" clearly. However, when I downloaded...

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