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Resolved! Error 5100 on Pixma MP560.

I have a Canon Pixma MP560 purchased in August 2011. Everything works well (I really like this printer) except, beginning a couple of weeks ago, after properly printing two or three ordinary pages, using either the default tray or the Rear Tray, ther...

Resolved! Pixma 920 scans but no image

My Pixma shows that it scans but no image appears in the Image Garden - mostly I've succeeded after 2-3 tries, but tonight it was about 10 attempts, from the laptop and from the printer, before it finally worked.  Every time the scanning indicator fu...

MJK by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! The printer does not work

Hello forum! I am happy to find a forum where I can figure out my printer!I would like to know why the printer used for a long time, the original or normal use, suddenly the printer light flashes, the printer does not work?what is the reason? How sho...

MX870 and Mac - no longer can scan

Have had this printer for 3 plus years and could scan.  For the past several mos, lost the ability, probably corresponding to when I installed   OS X Yosemite.  Have downloaded ad reloaded the drivers  but  no luck with scanning still.  I really need...

brinmd by Contributor
  • 11 replies

pixima 8720 printer, matte paper

Hello I recently got this printer so far I like it although when I print on matt paper the colours are a little washed out anything I can do about it other than adjusting my colours in the designs? I haven't downloaded any drivers other or anything s...

MX882 Scanner not function

I had not used the device for several months at my summer house. It is attached with a USB and my laptop operating system is Wndows 7. The copier and printer are working, and I can print from the laptop, but the scanner is not functioning. When I pre...

JAK by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

printer mx450 , error 5100 .

I have some problems with the quality of my printed documents and photos. I make a maintenance check of my printer and it comes with an 5100 error. My printer is a mx450.

manuelrx by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Pixma 5320 won't print black

Pixma 5320 some time ago stopped printing black. I placed the print head in a shallow dish of Windex for 2-3 hours and all was fine for several months. Today it stopped printing black, but soaking print head did not help. Installed brand new OEM prin...

PMHilton by Contributor
  • 1 replies
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