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Printing in black & white

I have a Canon mg2520 printer and an iMac. I cannot figure out how to print in greyscale or just black and white. I followed some steps I read in another post but where I got stuck was when the greyscale was set to "off" with no button or option to c...

Pixma922: Print image fail

Hey,My printer has crapped out over the previous 5 or 6 print attempts.It has plenty of ink. The image was poor and poorly registered. Now the image is barely a shadow of the file to be printed. The printer is about 4 years old. I diid all the obviou...

Need help with MG2520

My Pixma MG 2520 gives a malfunction messgae every few months and I have to remove all Canon drivers and reload them. I saved the instructions I was given by a Canon customer support person back in 2016. It has worked in the past but isnt working now...

Resolved! Windows 10 and MX870

MX 870 is not printing after upgrade to Windows 10. Uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers and tried wired and wireless conections. Reviewed settings on printer. Canon Network Tool will see the printer on the network but canot connect with it.

Printing TRUE Greyscale (grayscale) on my IP8700

Hi I have a Pixma IP8700 and I use it to print photos. I am working with some old black & white photos at the moment and would like to force the printer to printer using only the Black (BK) & Grey(GY) (dye) inks so I can see what a print looks like w...

theWoosh by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA 8220 Won't power on

I haven't even had the printer a full year and haven't used it in about 30 days. It won't power on for use. There is an orange triange with what looks like a lightning bolt in the middle that is the only thing that is on. Nothing happens when I push ...

Mahogany by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! MG6800 series- short cuts.

I'm becoming very confused since I had to reinstall a while ago. Today I am trying to scan documents, but am going around in circles. Wi-fi was set up but the only option seems to be to scan with a USB connection. Apsrt from those struugles the big h...

goggled by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Pixma TS8050 document printing

Just bought a new printer. How do I force a document to be printed entirely in black, without the fancy colours people often use. I've been unable to find a solution in the manual.

mike21 by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Canon MG5420 "Support Code 6000"

When turned on, my MG5420 immediatley locks up and displays the following: -------------------------------------------Support Code 6000Printer error has occurredFollow the steps below:1. Cancel printng, then turn thedevice off2. Turn the device on ag...

Quebee02 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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