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PIXMA mg6220 run dll error message on boot up. c:\users\...\cnmss


PIXMA mg6220 run dll error message on boot up. c:\users\...\cnmss



Hi Bernie!


So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know the Computer Operating System you're using (Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac 10.x), as well as the way you connect to your device (USB or networked via WiFi or Ethernet).

Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue!

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I use Windows 8 and am networked via wifi. The printer works fine but I get the error message each time I reboot. I have used the troubleshooter with the computer connected to the printer via USB but it did not solve the error message.

I have a PIXMA MX532 working on my Windows 10 system (Lenovo I7) however each time I boot up I get an error:

"There was a problem starting C:\Users\Richard\cnmss

The specified module could not be found"


This message is inside a RUNDLL message window so I assume it is cnmss.dll however, I cannot find out where it is coming from nor can I find cnmss*.* on my computer. I've searched the internet and all comments found point to a Canon driver or at least Canon as the root manufacturer. 


I recently moved from an older Canon MX-520 to the Canon MX-532 so perhaps it is some lingering file left over which is not needed by the MX-532? Corrective action implies to uninstall and reinstall. But the following are installe: Canon easy WebPrint, Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector, Canon IJ Network Tool, Canon IJ Scan Utility, Canon MX530 series MP drivers, Canon MX530 series on-screen Manual, Canon My Image Garden, Canon My Image Garden Design, Canon My Printer, Canon Quick Menu and Canon Speed Dial Utility are loaded. So if this is a Canon DLL where should I begin? Unistall ALL or just those which are older than 1 year (Some are dated 2015) with the printer installed late 2016.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi rhstubby,


It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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Rising Star

Hi Bernie,


This is likely a missing or damaged file on your system  First, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling your printer.  When reinstalling the printer, be sure to use the updated drivers from our website for Windows 8.


If this didn't work, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us!  Also, since this could be related to your operating system, it may be helpful to contact your computer manufacturer for additional options.

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What is the best way to uninstall the program with Windows 8 and then reinstall it. From disk, right?



Please visit the following link below to contact our support group for additional assistance with uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.

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I've done alot of research on this and here is the answr but you aren't goint to like it!


I have a pixma mx922 but this probably applies to other printer models as well. You should print this or save it all to your computer so you can refer to it in the future, that is what I have done (and the bulk of the below text comes from my copy of such a file which has helped me not have to re-investigate once a year when thje problem might reappear or I need to resinstall on a new computer or whatever) - 


The file you are looking for is not "cnmss.exe" or "cnmss.dll", the full file name is actually a lot longer so that is why you cannot find it (and, it is executed in an indirect way through some redirection so please read all the below thoroughly until you have a good understanding). The file is actually called:


"cnmss Canon MX920 series Printer (Local).dll"


and it can be found in:


C:\users\<your windows login userid>\


The reason for the error message is this file, which is a shortcut:with an invlid setting:


"Canon IJ Status Monitor Canon MX920 series Printer.lnk"


which tries to run whenever you boot up your computer, because it is in this location:


"C:\Users\<your windows login userid>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"


In the file explorer, if you look at properties of the file that the computer tries to run ("Canon IJ Status Monitor Canon MX920 series Printer.lnk"), this is the command of what this file is trying to run on your computer (below "serie" is NOT a spellingmistake in my message here):


C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe C:\Users\<your windows login userid>\cnmss Canon MX920 series Printer (Local).dll,SMStarterEntryPoint CNBJNP_F80D60CCDA75;Canon MX920 series Printer;cnmss Canon MX920 series Printer (Local).dll;Canon IJ Status Monitor Canon MX920 serie


Which obviously is incorrect as it appears to be truncated. If you look at that command closely put it into notepad with word wrap turned off to make it easier to read), it looks like has duplicated command line parameters, and there should be quotes in there so the computer understands file names with spaces (it would be nice to find out from Canon what are valid command line parameters for that dll but that is not publicly available to me or others I guess) but it seems obvious it most likely should be:


C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe "C:\Users\<your windows login userid>\cnmss Canon MX920 series Printer (Local).dll",SMStarterEntryPoint CNBJNP_F80D60CCDA75;


The above command runs with no errors on my machine - both from a command line and also once I change that property in the .lnk file and reboot the pc (which causes that file to be executed on windows startup). However, the problem sometimes comes back a month or so later, even if I do not reinstall anything and if I look in the properties of that file after the problem comes back it is changed back to what is originally was! So, it looks like some other piece of canon's software erroneously changes that value when it is executed. (I used to be a programmer and have seen this kind of thing before!)


In the past I have just deleted the file: "Canon IJ Status Monitor Canon MX920 series Printer.lnk" from the directory "C:\Users\<your login name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" and there appears to be no issue!


Also note:


Looking at the above, one of the command line paramters is a printer port it appears: CNBJNP_F80D60CCDA75


We must also make sure that printer port is valid, which can be done this way:

a. Go into the contol panel/devices/printers and scanners


b. Click on "Canon MX920 series Printer", click "Manage", and dialog box will come up,


c. Click on the "Printer Properties", then when the dialog box comes up click the "Ports" tab, verify that "CNBJNP_F80D60CCDA75" is the name of the port. If it is, then you are good for the next change, if it is not, take note of the proper port name and use the proper name in the above text I have written instead.


If you are reinstalling the software for the printer altogether, you may bang your head into a stone wall because the reinstall will fail because the uninstall of the software sometimes does ot remove all the port settings - and the subsequent reinstall keeps telling you "cannot create port". And, the uninstallation programs are poorly written and not even all found in the same "add/remove programs" place. UGH! So, to fix that, do ALL below steps before a reinstall:


If you ever have to UNINSTALL or REINSTALL this printer, you will typically run into at least 3 issues so just do all the following steps beforehand:
- - - - -
1. Uninstalling from the control panel will not uninstall, all of them, they stay there! To uninstall them all, first go to your start menu, then locate "Canon Utilities", then right click on one of the programs shown under there there - select the "uninstall" right-click menu option. You will see the "old" add/remove programs dialog showing all the installed porograms. Uninstall them all from there (one will force a reboot so make sure you get rid of all of them). Keep doing it until ALL of them are gone! ANd then after doing that go into your regular control panel add/remove programs to make sure there is nothing for your canon printer still shown there!
- - - - -
2. Duplicate printer names might appear when you are looking at your ptiners in the cpontrol panel (old printers are not removed so new ones appear as (1) (2) etc.) - what a freaking mess! To resolve:

2a. Right click and delete them from the print dialog box (just open notepad or whatever app you like to use to type and print - type any garbage - then select "print", in the printer selection dialog box you will see what is there... - if there are duplicates -

2b. Scan the registry (you have to use the file explorer and go to c:\windows\regedit.exe and right click on it that file and say "run as administrator") - once in the registry editor, search for everything "canon " (do not forget the space) and delete all the orphan entries.

2c. ...then again, search for "canonbj", deleting all those orphan entries. (You will find "PrinterPorts", with Canon  printer names including those ending in "(1)", "(2)", all kinds of old stuff from previous reinstall atrempts, that is what you want to get rid of.
- - - - -
3. Many times during the install you would typically run into "cannot create port". To resolve:

3a. Unpack the file mp68-win-mx920-1_01-ea32_2.exe with winzip. It is is included with the installation dvd's that came with the printer, and you can also find it as a download on the canon website. Once you have unzipped that file you will find this executable file and just run it (this removes the ports - and reboots the computer):




Only after you do all the above steps, then you can reinstall the software:


4. Then install these, in this order (you can download all of these form the canon web site - I prefer doing that because they are the most recent - might be newer than what you have on your installation cd that came with the printer if you still have it):


Main Drivers/Install Apps 


MX920 series MP Drivers Ver1.01:


11/02/2019 11:12 AM 40,410,752 mp68-win-mx920-1_01-ea32_2.exe


MX920 series XPS Printer Driver Ver.5.65:


11/02/2019 11:13 AM 16,207,000 xp68-win-mx920-5_65-ejs.exe




Easy-PhotoPrint EX Ver.4.7.0:
11/02/2019 11:15 AM 60,370,592 eppx-win-4_7_0-en.exe


Easy-WebPrint EX Ver.1.7.0:
11/02/2019 11:15 AM 15,953,528 ewpx-win-1_7_0-ea23.exe


My Image Garden 3.6.4:
11/02/2019 11:14 AM 308,689,808 mig_-win-3_6_4-ea31_2.exe


My printer Ver.3.3.0:
11/02/2019 11:16 AM 5,824,024 mypr-win-3_3_0-ea11_2.exe


Quick Menu Ver.2.8.5:
11/02/2019 11:16 AM 9,514,624 qm__-win-2_8_5-ea31_2.exe


Speed Dial Utility Ver.1.6.0:
11/02/2019 11:16 AM 5,070,424 sdu_-win-1_6_0-ea32_2.exe


After all is said and done you should be good to go. Just keep these instructions however, because sometimes you will run into issues on bootup with something in the startup resulting in a rundll "c:\Users\<at least part of your windows login" 'cannot be found' To resolve go back to the beginning of this message and reread that section, because the same error is popping up within this file previously mentioned:


"Canon IJ Status Monitor Canon MX920 series Printer.lnk"


Nothing like a recursive answer which resolves your problem!  SHEESH! Good luck!

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