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Pixma MX922 Screen is dark.

The Yellow Lightning bolt indicator light is illuminated and the Screen is dark on my Pixma MX 922. I've tried unplugging everthiing but that has done nothing. It's almost as if it isn't getting power but the light is on. Any Ideas?

Pixma MG7700 support code 1750

I have Canon MG7700 printer, I just replaced the PGBK cartridge, it is telling me that the ink cartridge is not recognized.  I replaced it with Cartridge World PC-B-PGI250-HC.  It looks exactly the same as the one that I removed.  The light is lit in...

lmobley by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Can not align Printer Cartridges

Hello,I recently installed new cartridges 240 and 241 in Pixma Mx472 printer.It prints wavy print.I have done Cartridge Print Alignment - Manually and System Driven - number of times without any availCould Bad Print Cartridge create misalignment?By t...

gsk8 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

TS702 ink issue

Hey all, I’m trying to print some photos on a Pixma TS702 and the colors have been imbalanced (looks like too much blue). I’ve tried cleaning the print head and run the nozzle color and alignment tests, and those have all come out normal, but the col...

MX920 stopped printing

After replacing the ink (with canon ink cartridges), the printer no longer works. Files sent by computer never print. It won't scan.  At first I thought it was a computer/network issue. But, if I turn the printer on, wait for it to warm up, place a p...

MX920 power off during printing

The printer suddenly lost power during a print job. I took the power supply out and test the pin, there are 22.9V (pin 1) and 31.2V (pin 3) output.  Does the power supply defective?  serial no: [Removed serial number per Forum Guidelines]

Using MG6220 Scanner with Mac OS Catalina

I've had my MG6220 printer/scanner for several years now, but I recently switched from a PC to a new Mac running macOS Catalina, and while I am able to connect and print wirelessly, I haven't been able to find a way to get the scanner to work with my...

jm510 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Bought Generic Ink -- Doesn't Work

I just replaced the ink in my MG3220 with Target store brand, which claims to be compatible.  However, the printer continues to tell me there's no ink.  Was I wrong to go with the generic?  It was all I could find after searching two stores.

Paper out error with a Pixma ip 7220

 Perpetual paper out error with a Pixma ip7220 printer. Support code 1008. No paper jams. Paper loading trays peoperly closed. Paper loading trays full. Cleaning loading path and rollers makes no difference. Type of paper used makes no difference.

kevinh by Contributor
  • 1 replies
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