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Tr4520 printer

My home office computer is on the office network and my printer is on my home network. I cannot print directly to the printer, on my old non Canon printer I was able to send the print job directly to the printer via email (Epson Connect) can you do that with this printer or something similar. I know I can send my self a email and then print it out, but that is a pain requiring another computer/smartphone .



You mention 2 networks, which leads me to believe you are working from home and connecting to VPN at your workplace.

Is this correct?

If so, your IT Dept can allow you to print to devices on your local network by making a change to your VPN client. The setting or option will be something like (similar to) "Allow traffic on local LAN".

By design VPN routes all traffic through its connection at your workplace.  This is for security.  Changing the setting above allows your machine to use local resources, like printers, etc.

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