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get updates for removed printer

I run Windows 10 HOME 64bit.I had an Canon MP272 printer, but since I no longer used it, I removed (disconnected) it from the computer.Also removed Canon software. When I check for updates in Windows (Settings -> Check for updates -> Additional updat...

mgroen by New Contributor
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MG3600 sending "wake up"

Hello Cannon, is there any way I send a  "wake up" to my printer without printing something. So the Printer went from sleep mode to fully on, so I can scan ? Is there any option with cmd or a small program code for Visual Basic or c# THX a lot MG3600...

toni_manoli by Occasional Contributor
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Cannot print in black - please help !

Hello. I have an MP960 and yes, I know it's a really old printer but I just got back to the US from covid confinement overseas and I need to print a few things quickly. I have all new inks. I have run a reset and a cleaning and a deep cleaning and ha...

poinsot by New Contributor
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PC not connected

I have a TR4522.The printer and fax work fine. When I try to scan a photo I get a message "PC not connected". The cable is properly connected, and I have rebooted both the printer and the pc. Nothing helps. What do I need to do?

bwaldrep by New Contributor
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PIXMA MX492 refusing to duplex print

It used to print double sided just fine, I don't know why it decided to stop printing double sided! It has the option "print on both sides" option (with the flip on horizontal or vertical option underneath) I have that check marked but the printer ju...

kes0156 by New Contributor
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TR7520 will not print in draft mode on Mac

I bought a tr7520 so I didn't have to buy a multi clour ink cartridge when I am uning mosting one colour. Years ago I pixma printer that had the same multi cartridge feature and never had an issue with it. This new one will not let me select draft mo...

Ink Cartridges Not Being Recognized

I have used these ink cartridges before and now they are saying they cannot be recognized. I removed them and put them back and still nothing. I tried again the next day and they worked fine. I was able to print 10 pages. Now the error message is hap...

Unable to install ink cartridge error 168A tr4520

I was getting message about the toner being low, so I decided to go ahead and replace the cartridges. That gave an error "Install ink cartridges correctly" 168A. That was odd because there isn't much to installing them, just push them in until you he...

printer_cartridge new (in printer).jpg printer cartridge support code 168A ink model number.png printer cartridge ink model number.png printer_cartridge old.jpg

replacing parts on canon pixma mx922

an old post stated very similar issues.   after incorrectly dealing with a paper jam, i got a similar error message, "there is no paper in the cassette".  i too opened the lower cassette to find a small square piece of white plastic on the paper that...

MG5220 support in macOS Big Sur?

It seems my beloved MG5220 has gone missing in macOS Big Sur and I can't locate any Canon drivers on the website. I also notice that the Driver webpage mis-identifies my macOS as Catalina. When I select Big Sur, I don't see any drivers.Help!Thanks-Jo...

Canon Pixma error messages and poor printing

 I bought a Canon Mega tank printer hoping it would save me money in the long run.   I use it often to print b&w, and also photos.  It worked fine one day, and the next when I went to print photos it only printed in black and yellow. (the tanks are f...

JMS1 by New Contributor
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